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Updated 'high noon bells' Thorsday 16th May 2013

(Ground number 187 re-visited***last ever visit)
Date of Last Visit:15th May 2013
Belle Vue Park, Consett

Consett  0
Newcastle United reserve X1  6 (six!) (Inman 2, Tavernier, Aarons, Quinn, Streete)  

Friendly Fixture
Attendance:1,000 (estimated) (mostly Toon fans, 1 Villa fan, 0 SMBs!) 


The last game ever for Consett AFC @ Belle Vue waz played toneet when The Toon sent a strang resorve side up to the moontains of Coonty Durham!

The pre match 'gargels' took place in 'The Grey Horse' 'real ale' boozer, which iz a five minute waalk from the groond and where the beer iz actually brewed!

Pints of 'Red Dust Bitter' were consumed in this former steel toon, where 'red dust' used to dye the toon 'crimson' from the huge steelworks 30 years ago, but which have lang since 'bit the dust'<(sic!)

A canny crowd looked to have assembled az we queued to get through the tornstiles and we guessed that there were aboot 1,000 present az the game kicked off!

Consett iz one of them places when NUFC and SMB fans are split 50-50 in torms of support for both teams and just last week the SMBs played a friendly here in front of just 400 spectators! (less than half of toneets crowd!)

There were loads of Toon fans of aall ages dotted aroond the groond, but aa didn't spot ONE mackem in the crowd, which waz suprizin'? (but aa DID spot a youngin in a Villa jacket!)

Dark grey sky's greeted the players<(not unexpected roond theeze parts in May!) and before lang The Toon had taken the lead when Brad Inman waltzed aroond their keeper to put us 1-0 up after just 8 minutes play!
The Steelmen fought back but could'nt find the equaliser and we went in 1-0 up at the break!

A mad dash to the clubhoose to beat 'the crowd' then ensued and a pint of 'Banks Bitter' waz ordered by yours truely!
The barman commited that everybody waz drinkin' 'Banks', but I pointed oot to him that that waz the anly 'bitter' on offer anyway!--so wot else could aa ask for???(apart from Fosters Lager---which aa divvint like!---like!)


Anyway!---we managed to make the 2nd half kick off in time and within a minute we were 2-0 up when Tavenier covorted a penalty after Brad Inman had been hacked doon in the box!
Inman made it 3 not lang after with a low drive through the box.
Rolando Aarons made the game safe in the 54th minute when he poked the baall in from close range and then 'The Mighty Quinn' (Jonathyn) scored a simalar goal not lang after to increase wor lead to wot waz becomin' a cricket score!

The part timers from 'Red Dust Country' looked knackered by this point and a sixth goal in the final minute sealed their misery when 'Quality
Streete' (Remie) turned in a corner to complete the rout!

Consett played in aall red, so it waz nice for a change to revorse a certain scoreline from two weeks ago @ St James'! (When anothaa team who play in aall red, 'The Liverbirds', put six past us!)

The Toon have played on anothaa English groond which ne langer exists, which waz aalso caalled  'Belle Vue'
Can yoo name the team who used to play there?
Clue: A very famous ex Toon player and manager waz born there!

'The Geordie Times' will give yoo the answer sometime next week, when we will de a groond report from that game az well!

PS For an archive report on wor visit to Belle View, Consett in 1999, scroll doon page

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