Tuesday 12 November 2013


Posted '1:19pm bells' Tuesday 12th November 2013

With ne NUFC fixtures of any description from the forst team to the juniors for ELEVEN DAYS! we find worsels kickin' wor heels once again until a Toon X1 open Northern League Consett's new groond a week on Friday!

Yet anothaa 'blanket blank' weekend coz of Internationals meenz that we must find wor 'fix' this weekend somewhere else!

The FA Vase looks the best bet with quite a few Tyneside and Northumberland Northern League sides still in it.

Newcastle Benfield play Cheadle Toon from Cheshire, while 'The Pit Yaakkers' of Ashington host Worsop Parramore!

If yoo fancy a trip to the seaside then yoo can aalways watch Morpeth Toon who travel to Cleethorpes Toon <(aallso the home toon of Grimsby Toon of course!)

Whickham are at home to Parkgate, while fower times Vase winners Whitley Bay 'Watchers' play Runcorn Toon @ their Hillheads groond

2012 winners 'The Bad Blue Boys' of Dunston play Crook Toon @ Federation Park and az as this iz the nearest game to me, then aa finx that's where aa'll be heedin' come Saturday @ '3 bells' <(via Dunston's clubhoose of course!)

Yoo could of course take in a Conference game @ Gatesheed Stadium where 'The Heedbangers' host Salisbury City! (with reduced prices for NUFC season ticket holders on production of your season ticket card!) (£9) (£2,U16's) 

Aall games kick off @ '3 bells'---The choice iz entirely yours!

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