Tuesday 5 November 2013


Posted '12:40pm bells' 'Bonfire Day' Tuesday 5th November 2013

(Ground number 305)
Date of First Visit: 4th November 2013
Pirelli Stadium, Burton on Trent

Aston Villa U21s 6
Newcastle United U21s 2 (Armstrong, Vuckic) 

FA Premier U21 Reserve League
Attendance: 222 (12 NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers!) (plus quite a few Geordie exiles!)


Six 'mad-sad groundhoppers' set off from the Newcastle Arms @ 1:40pm bells' in 'The Geordie Times' mini bus and we arrived in Burton some 3 hours later and parked up at the groond.
From there we made for a boozer we'd passed on the way in called 'The Beech' which waz just ower the road from the huge brewery which dominates the town!

After a while it waz time to heed back to the groond where six more 'saddos' were assembled, makin' a total of twelve of us who had travelled doon from various parts of northern England from Ashington to York!

A small crowd, which aa estimated waz around the 250 mark were in the main stand, with the rest of the groond empty, az iz usual in theeze games! < (the actual attendance waz 222 so aa wasn't that far off the mark!)

And so 'it came to pass' that aftaa a gap of 116 years, The Toon were back in Burton! <(must be some kind of record!?)

The Toon made a great start when, in wor forst attack we went aheed with a fine lob ower their keeper from Adam Armstrong after he had been put through by Adam Campbell!

Wor lead waz short lived however!---and the 'home'? side equalised soon after! They then went aheed just before the break az freezing fog appeared ower the roof tops beyond!


We went for a 'nose bag' at the half time interval and on the menu waz 'faggot' and 'double faggot'!
Aa took a photo and the wifey behind the coontaa asked if aa waz dein' some kind of 'promotional shots'!

Obviously, 'a faggot' meens something totally different in Burton than wot it meens in Newcastle!
Aa decided NOT to gan into details of just wot 'faggot' meant in 'Geordie slang' and got tucked into some sausage and chip instead az 'faggots' were off the menu anyway! <(Aye!--we asked!)

She just looked at me totally bemused and puzzled az aa waalked back to mee seat for the restart! <(waz I an undercover food inspector?)

The 2nd half wasn't very good az far az we were concerned and it took until the 70 minute befor we had an effort on target!
Just after this 'The Hazbeens' then went 3-1 up through a penalty which Toon goalie Jack Alnwick nearly saved (but didn't!)

At last! we had a shot on target which foond the net! when Haris Vuckic bent the baall in from 18 yards oot in the 78th minute to set up a thrillin' last 12 minutes!

However! we fell apart and conceded THREE goals in the last THREE minutes az wor shape went 'pear'! and in the end we lost 6-2 az the fog desended!

The venue for wor heaviest defeat in wor history way back in 1895 happened just half a mile doon the road at 'Derby Turn', when we lost 9-0 to 'long gone' Burton Wanderers!

Az mentioned above, wor last ever visit to this town waz 116 years ago on Saturday December 18th 1897, when we lost 3-1 to anothaa Burton side caalled 'Burton Swifts' with wor anly goal comin' from a certain 'J. White' <(remember him!?)

Burton on Trent iz NOT a happy huntin' groond for us---that's for sure!, but this waz yet anothaa Leegue groond 'off the list'!

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