Saturday 21 April 2012


Posted '10:00am bells' Saturday 21st April 2012

Tooday @ the unusual kick off time of '3 bells' we face a 'tuffee' against 'The P*ss Potts' @ St James' Park<(and aalways will be!)

The permutations of European qualification have now reached ridiculous proportions with ne one knowin' exactly where they stand, and wor manager 'I Beg Your Pardew' summed it up yesterday when he said:
"What I do know is that European qualification is about as complicated as it gets. We need Carol Vorderman to work this one out!
Lets just say there's a bit of confusion over it in my mind.
You're talking about qualifying games for the two competitions, for example when we might come into the qualifiers?. There seems to be a little bit of confusion over which position gets you where!?"

ie: De the FA Cup winners automatically take a place in the group stage of the Europa League--or not?--or does the team finishin' highest in the Premier League and qualifyin' for that competition avoid the qualifyin' stages instead!???
NEBODY at the FA or UEFA seems to naa!?----

In anotha 'bizzare twist', shud we finish in FOURTH position and Chelski finish FIFTH, but then gan on to WIN the Champions League, then THEY and NOT US would qualify for the Champions League next season!
This was not lost on wor manager eetha, when he further added:
"If we finish fourth, I would gulp on my beer if Chelsea won the Champions League!---that's for sure!--I'm sure we all would!"

--there's anly one thing to say to that, Alan!-----

Anyway!---gettin' back to todays game!
It's a complete 52,000 plus selloot with the visitors anly takin' 1,664 tickets for 'level 7' of 'The Leazes' and three points for us are crucial in wor bid for Europe! (even though we divvint naa where we need to finish yet!?)
We are biddin' for wor SIXTH consecutive win in a row for anly the thord time since we joined the 'premya', but it wont be an easy game against the lang throw bores of the Potteries.

Rumour haz it that we cancelled the Northumberland Senior Cup Final on Thorsday so we could relay and remark some of the pitch to make it WIDER! to try and stop their lang throw ins!?---we'll find oot if that iz true @ '3 bells' this afternoon!?

Full match report to follow az per usual eetha later toneet or orly tomorrow mornin' (dependin' just how much we have to drink if the final day of wor 100 Pub Crawl Marathon!?) (SEE BELOW!)    

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