Monday 23 April 2012


Posted '8:10am bells' Monday 23rd April 2012

'The Toffee Noses of Everton's' 4-4 draw @ 'The Theatre of Muppets' yesterday afternoon means that they cannit catch us and we are now CERTAIN to qualify for at least the Europa League next season with FOWER games to spare!

This iz a fantastic acheeevement az a relegation battle waz forecast by aall at the start of the season!

The next challenge iz to get into the Champions League of course and az we are in FOURTH position we have a great chance of dein' so!

European qualification---az it stands @ '8:00am bells' Monday

1 The Cockney Reds of Salford---
played 35---points 83---Champions League place guaranteed 

2 The Blue Moonies 35/80---Champions League place guaranteed

3 The Arse 35/65---Champions League???
Europa League place guaranteed

4 THE TOON 34/62---Champions League??? Europa League place GUARANTEED!

5 Happy Harry's Hotspors 34/59---Europa League??? or Champions League ???

6 The OAPs of Chelski 34/58---Europa League place guaranteed by reachin' the FA Cup final.  Champions League ???

7 The Toffee Noses of Everton 34/48---CANNIT now qualify for any European competition

8 The Liverbirds 34/46---Europa League qualifiers by winnin' the League Cup---CANNIT qualify for Champions League

Aaltogether now!
"Howay, we're off to sunny Spain!"-
Aviva Espana!" 

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