Saturday 9 July 2022


 Posted 'high noon bells' Saturday 9th July 2022

Updated 1:30pm bells

NUFC's forst pre season game tex place today v near naybaaz (neighbours) Gatesheed behind closed doors at wor Benton trainin base!

Nee kick off time haz been annoonced, to stop any fans watchin from afar! (We presume?)

"Wots the score mate?"

We will bring yoo the result az soon az we find oot!

So "Watch this space intently!"

The Geordie Times-- A groveling apology!

We said last week that season ticket holders shud have been given priority for tickets for wor 2 home pre season friendlies at the end of this month after chaotic scenes at the ticket office after unprecedented demand for tickets! (Mee mate and season ticket holder 'Tex', waited ower 2 hours in the queue to get wor tickets!)

'Lang haired Davy' from Benton sez we were selfish and wrang to say this and that the kids need to be given a chance to gan az well!

We understand "where he comes from" (Benton!) and unlike Boris, we apologise profusely for this selfish error of judgement!

PS: Woz at the the NUFC ticket office yesterday to sort misstayks with friendly tickets and woz told that season ticket holders WILL be given priority for any Leegue or FA Cup ties at SJP this season!

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