Tuesday 18 January 2022


 Posted 'high noon bells' Tuesday 18th January 2022

Tooneets game between Bornley and Wotfaad haz been caalled off because of Covid in the Bornley camp!

This could be a bit of 'good news' for NUFC, az a depleted Bornley would surely have lost if the Premyaa Leegue had made them 'play on'

Wotfaad would then have been 5 points above us if they had won!  

And spare a thought for their travellin fans, who have had this game postponed twice with less than 24 hours notice! (Trains, hotels booked etc!)

The Toon are still tryin desperately to add at least 2 more players to wor squad for Saturday's game at Leeedz, who are on a 'high' after beatin' West 'am at the weekend!

It's provin' very difficult to persuade top class players to come to a club that iz in a relegation battle!---Lets hope we can get them in this week!?

There's still a glimmer of hope yet, to avoid the drop and next Saturday will surely be the last throw of the dice for us!----ie: Anothaa 'must win' game----or at least a draw!

PS: Just looked at the fixtures and Wotfaad play Nohrich at home on Friday neet----So we could indeed be 5 points behind them if they win that one!!!!---Or 4 points behind Nohrich if they win!!!! 

A goalless draw pleeeeze!!!πŸ™ 

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