Sunday 9 January 2022


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The Cambridge crew who sank in the 1978 boat race!--44 years later it woz their turn to 'sink' NUFC!!! 

Yet another Cup disaster for The Toon!--It doesn't seem to matter just who iz playin for us--who manages us---or who owns us--the FA Cup and Leegue Cup defeats from lower leegue teams just gans on--and on-- and ON!

In the 1950s it woz Rotherham, Millwaall and Scunthorpe who beat us!

In the 1960s it woz Colchester, Peterboro, Orient, Bournemooth, Peterboro, Lincoln, non leegue Bedford and then Carlisle in front of 56,000 at SJP (Aa woz there!)

In the 1970s it woz (deep breath!) Bristol Rovers, Blackpool, Waallsaall, Chester, Wrexham and a non leegue team beginning with the letter 'H'! (Aa woz there az well!)

In the 1980s it woz Millwaall, Exeter, Bradford and Oxfaad twice!

In the 1990s it woz Bournemooth, Luton and Peterboro 

1n the 2000s it woz Peterboro again

In the 2010s it woz Stevenage and Oxfaad again!

In the 2020s it woz Brentfaad resorves and now Cambridge!

The list iz ENDLESS and aplogeeez to any 'minnows' I have forgot to mention!

Anyway!---To cut a lang story short---the curse continued yesterday in front of a virtual full hoose and wor team included new boy Kieran Trippier!---It made nee difference az we huffed and puffed away with wayward shots and missed chances az we attacked The Leazes End in the forst half!

Cambridge had a couple of chances az well and we went in 0-0 at the break!

The killer goal came in the 56th minute when Joe Ironside put home an easy chance to send the 4,830 'Boat People' in the upper reaches of The Leazes End wild with delight, az the rest of the crowd looked on in dispair! (Debravka in The Toon goal woz at fault for the goal, unfortunatly----We now have had 3 keepers who have made bad misstayks this season!!)

"No! Not THAT Ironside!"

More wayward shots from us at The Gallowgate End woz summed up deep into injury time when Almiron skyed an easy chance az aa held mee heed in mee hands! (The Cambridge goalie aalso had a blinder, to set the record straight!)

The whistle blew for full time seconds after Almiron's miss and we had lost to another minnow!--NUFC now have a free weekend in the last week of January! (4th roond weekend!)

We desperately need a striker to replace the injured Callum Wilson and at least 4 other new players--or else we have 'nee chance' against Wotfaad next week!---This iz the game we MUST win or else we fear the worst!----Thats ONE win in 21 games now!----Shockin' stats indeed! Joelinton shud have had a hat-trick!---If anly Shearer woz available!)

Attendance: 51,395

*Pre match flag wavers!πŸ€ͺ

*Post match!!!πŸ₯Ά

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