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Posted '1:33am bells' Saturday 6th Joon 2020
Re-posted and updated 'high noon bells' Sunday 21st Joon 2020

It is with a very heavy heart that 'The Geordie Times' reproduces the behind closed doors fixtures for Joon and the start of July!
Aa say 'very heavy heart' as this is because that many, many, Toon fans havvint missed a game for years!

In my case it will be the forst competitive game home or away, including Europe that a'v missed this century, which totals up at 963 games! (Aye!-- a'v counted them up!)

Az for home games alone, the Sheffeeld United game on Sunday 22nd Joon, will be the forst home game a'v missed for many a year and anly the 5th home game missed since 1967 (includin' friendlies) when aa woz 12 years old!---53 years ago! 

Aalso, wor FA Cup qwaataa final tie at home Man City on Sunday 28th Joon at '6:00 bells, will be the forst home cup tie of any description that a'v missed in 54 years! (FA Cup, Leegue Cup and European ties) 

And with a forthaa 4 home games after theeze and 4 away, this will meen in total that 10 games in a row will be missed at the very -least!---a tragedy for aall Toon diehards!

Aa aalways knew that one day mee 'run' would come to an end and the 'chain would be broken', eethaa through ill health, unforeseen family circumstances, or indeed the day aa leave this planet for 'level 7 heaven' up in the sky! (az opposed to 'level 7 heaven' up in 'The Milburn Stand'!) BUT! aa never EVER would have believed that a 'bat out of hell' virus from the othaa side of the world in Chinaa, would prevent me from gannin to watch an NUFC game!---NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS! 

Mee consecutive games record in total iz 1,201, which will now come to an abrupt end today, at '2:00pm bells' precisely!😬 
The forst time in wor 128 year existence that we will have had to play a game withoot fans present!--

Like aa say, aam not the anly one, 'Glennn from Ashington' hazzint missed a competitive game in the UK since 1986 and 'Big Al' (not the sheet metal workers son!) hazzint missed a game anywhere, includin Europe since 1991!

There are quite a few more az well, who aa see at every away game, but don't know their names, just their faces!

Of course loyal fans of othaa clubs who have to play BCD are in the same boat as well!

Aa honestly beleeeve that if it isn't safe for fans to gan to games, then it isnt safe for players eethaa!
There is a 50/50 split amongst fans, whether games shud be played  behind closed doors, or NOT!
(They shud have waited til the virus woz beaten and then resumed this season then---pushin back next season to start in the new year!, or whenever!)

And just where will aa watch it?  Whey in grandbairns Zac and Kai's hoose, where mammy and daddy have got a big screen in their livin' room!
A few bottles of 'DOG' will be consumed az well, for medicinal purposes of course, to calm mee norves!
A full Geordie Times 'tellyhoppers' report will appear here later!
AZ per usual, "Watch this space!"

Toon games annoonced so far!  
Sun 21st Joon: Sheffeeeld United---SJP---'2:00bells'---Sky

Wed 24th Joon: The Hazbeenz and Villains--SJP--6:00bells'--BT

Sun 28th Joon: The Blue Moonies--FA Cup--SJP--'6:00bells'--BBC

Wed 1st July: Bournemoooth--Vitality Stadium--'6:00bells'--Sky

Sun 5th July: The Jellied Eels Mob' of West Ham--SJP--'2:00bells' Sky

Wed 8th July: The Blue Moonies--Emptyaid Stadium (Well it WILL be empty!)--'6:00 bells' BT

Sat 11th July: Wotfaad--Vicarage Road--'12:30 bells' Amazon

To be conformed: Sporz (SJP), Nee Where Near Brightin (AMEX Stadium), The Liverbirds (SJP) 

Aall fixtures (so far!)

It's been on the BBC news that 42,000 in total, have now lost their lives in the UK alone, with anothaa 150 lost in the last day!---and still The Premyaa Leegue want to play on, just for the TV money! (Of course!)

RIP to each and every one of those poor souls who have lost their lives to the 'bat out of hell's virus!

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