Tuesday 2 June 2020


Posted '9:05pm bells' Tuesday 2nd Joon 2020

News reaches 'The Geordie Times' that the reason given for wor away Leegue game at Man City bein moved to a neutral venue, iz because it iz deemed az a 'high risk' game?

The Premyaa Leegue and Greater Manchester 'Dibble' have said that they fear that there will be mass protests against The Saudis, when we divvint even naa that the takeower will be done and dusted by the time we play there!?

If that's the case, then neutral venues will have to be used for EVERY one of wor away game behind closed doors!

And anothaa thing, does this meen that every HOME game will have to be moved to a neutral venue as well?
AND! If they do do this, just how would they stop alleged protesters turning up at the NEUTRAL venues as well?

Heavy rock group 'Black Sabbath' have an iconic record caalled 'PARANOID'---Perfect listening for the Premyaa Leegue hieracy and the Manchester constabulary!

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