Wednesday 17 June 2020


Posted '7:00pm bells' Wedinzday 17th Joon 2020

Yet anothaa twist in the seemingly never ending NUFC takeower saga, iz that its reported that American billionaire Henry Mauriss has tabled a bid of $440,000,000 dollars, which is £350,000,000 quid!---Shud the Saudi PIF bid fail the 'test'-----'This is £50,000,000 above the asking price?   Which begs the question, why would he offer more than woz asked?

This story has been reported in several media outlets, but iz it yet anothaa 'ploy' to sell papers etc--- or a devious plan by wor current owner 'The Fat Controller' to get the Premyaa Leegue to "get their fingers oot" and make a decision, one way or the othaa on the PIF!?

Talkin of 'The Premyaa Leegue', the forst match behind closed doors is takin place at Villa Park, az we speak, where the 'Hazbeenz and Villians' are takin on 'The Bladerunners of Sheffeeeld'!

Not watchin, (not bothered) but Glennn from Ashington iz and says it's a load of crap playin with nee crowd!

The forst of 92 games with nee fans allowed!
And aall for "A few dollars more!" from the Telly giants, az the death toll rises by 184 in the last day!

You've got to get your priorities right---havvint yoo!?

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