Tuesday 14 January 2020


Posted '11:40pm bells' Munday 13th January 2020 at Woodall services truck park M1 northbound
Updated '12:47pm bells' (onwards) Tuesday at 'wor hoose!'
The Milburn Stand from the bottom of Barrack Road.
Haz wor heed coach said to the players who are injured,
"Right lads, lets see who can run to the top and back fastest!" 

Up to 3,000 'Cowboys (and Cowgirls!) are comin to Tyneside tooneet and this will be their first ever visit to 'The Cathedral on the Hill'!
We hope they are good at stair climbin' az they will be housed at the top of The Leazes End level 7, "pant-pant!-pant!"
(More on 'stair climbin' below!)

Matt Ritchie iz in contention for a place in the starting line up, which is good news!  'Broken Nose Bruce' iz optimistic that Joelinton will be available after sufferin a groin injury in wor 1-1 draw at Wolves on Saturday. ('He' might be 'optimistic' at Joe's possible inclusion---but most of The Toon Army are NOT!) 

Lascelles is also expected to start, but the likes of Shelvey, Dummett, Schar, Yedlin, Ki, Manquillo, Gayle and Saint-Maximin are still injured and will miss oot!----This begs the question az to Bruce's trainin methods----Haz he got the players to run umpteen times up and doon the 250 stairs to the top of The Milburn Stand and back?

In othaa words---a  severely weakened team will take to the field later on, which gives wor Leegue One visitors  a little bit of hope of a shock result!----And (of course!) we have seen that many-many times before! (An incredible 23 FA Cup defeats in total against lower leegue opposition, since the 2nd World War!)

We expect a low crowd of roond aboot 20,000-25,000 and a full 'Geordie Times' match report will appear here as usual on Wedinzday!
Az per usual "Watch this space!"

PS: Az I speak, it's absolutleee p*ssin' doon on Tyneside ('3:39pm bells') SO! there cud well be a lower crowd than we predicted, az fans 'bin' the £5 and £10 cheapy tickets for the game and keep nice and dry in their hooses or local 'drinkin dens'!

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