Monday 27 January 2020


Posted '1:00pm bells' Munday 27th January 2020

*We at 'The Geordie Times' cannit believe wor manager/heed coach's comments after wor bore no score draw v The Oxfaad Skollaz on Saturday:
Quote: 'Broken Nose Bruce' haz slammed The Premyaa Leegue's new winter break after hiz side will now face a 4th roond replay at Oxfaad, instead of puttin' hiz feet up!

NUFC had considered a warm weather trainin' camp in Dubai (very nice!) but after so many injuries in the last 2 months,
Bruce had decided to give hiz players time to spend at home with their families.

A lang break between next weekend's game v Nohrich and the trip to 'The Arse' in the middle of next month had been on the agenda for NUFC had they beaten Oxfaad!

But they will now spend it preparin' for a lang haul trip to the Kassam Stadium for a 2nd attempt at gettin' past Leegue One opponents!

'Old Broken Nose' said: "For me its a ridiculous situation that you're supposed to have a week off and then all of a sudden, they've shoved replays in there, so what's the point?"

The point iz this Steve, we played 5 at the back with a near full strength team, against lowly opposition at HOME, when we shud have went for 'the jugular' from the start!  

We would surely have won the game if we had, but this iz NUFC after aall and it's WOR OWN FAULT that we face a replay in the middle of next week!

Theeze are SELF INFLICTED WOUNDS  and we can anly blame worsels for yet another unwanted midweek game!

Of course, the 'diehard fans' will be there at great inconvenience and expense, with an owerneet stay in the university city ' a must' az the game could well gan to extra time and penalties, makin' it impossible to catch a train back to the north!

Self inflicted wounds, indeed, 'Brucey baby', so don't curse and blame The Premyaa Leegue for wor predicament---BLAME YOURSELF! (and the players who failed miserably!)

PS: We shud find oot sometime today just when the replay will happen---live telly a certainty!---and of course the draw for the 5th roond takes place at '7:30 bells' tooneet---and we will let yoo, wor loyal reeders naa just when the replay date iz---and who we have drawn in the 5th roond----that's providin' we beat Oxfaad in the replay of course! (We are baall number 14)

Az per usual 'watch this space' later on tooneet!

Replay time and date:???

Possible 5th roond opponents: West Brom away

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