Saturday 7 December 2019


Posted '1:11pm bells' Friday 6th December 2019
Updated '9:27 bells' Saturday

"V-A-R MY LORD!---V-A-R!"---

The jorney to Sheffeeeld consisted on 3 train rides from 'The Central' to York---York to Donny---and finally Donny to Sheffeeeld!----And the reason woz because it woz much cheeeper than othaa prefored routes (£35.40 retorn--back forst class!)

We arrived 4 hours before kick off and heeded for a reeel ale bar aboot half a mile from the train station, off the beaten track!

After a couple of 'liquid lubrications' there, it woz time to heed closer to the groond where we stopped for the duration, before heedin for the tornstiles!

If yoo have never been to Bramall Lane before, the outside of the stadium looks like some kind of office block and not a futbaall stand---the giveaway iz the 'blade emblem' on the side of the building (Sheff Us nickname iz 'The Blades', in case yi didn't naa!)

The Toon fans were in boisterous mood az the game kicked off, many the 'worse for ware' with the drink!
'The Blade Runners' dominated proceedings orly on, but it woz 'The Toon' who took the lead in the 15th minute, when Saint-Maximin heeded home at the far end from us, to send the 2,865 'faithful' wild with delight! (Hiz forst goal for us!)

Sheffeeeld again dominated play but couldn't find a way through wor defence and we went in 1-0 up at half time!

Again, the home side dominated play az we attacked the goal where the Toon fans were housed!

The major (major!) talkin point came in the 70th minute when Andy Carroll heeded through to Jonjo Shelvey who had a clear run on goal---the linesman to wor left immediately raised hiz flag for 'offside' but Shelvey carried on and tucked the baall into the corner of the net, while the Sheffeeeld keeper made a half hearted attempt to stop the baall with hiz foot!
The were muted cheers from the Toon fans az we thought that it would be disallowed----but the VAR panel were consulted and after wot seemed like a lifetime, gave the decision---'GOAL'! 

This sent the Toon fans crazy az Shelvey ran doon the pitch towards us in delayed celebration az we chanted "V-A-R!  V-A-R!"

The home side were 'done in' by the decision and there woz 'nee way back' for them, az we collected the 3 precious points to lift us up to 11th place in the table, level on points with Sheff U and 'The Arse', who lost 2-1 at home to Brightin!

Sheff Us manager Chris Wilder said after the match: 
"I think Sheffield United fans are mad but Geordies, they're absolutely off their nut them!  Passionate, aren't they?--really passionate!"

Happier days indeed!---Sooothampton are next in a '2:00 bells' kick off at SJP on Sunday! (NOT on the telly)

Team line ups and more pix later, az I'm off on 'the drink' in a few minutes----will be updated sometime tooneet when aa get back yem "HIC!"

Updated Saturday '9:27am bells'

Toon team: Dubravka, Manquillo, Clark, Fernandez, Dummett, Willems, Hayden, Shelvey, Saint-Maximin (Atsu 81), Almiron (Krafth 88), Carroll (Joelinton 72)

Attendance: 30,409 (2,865 happy Toon fans!)

*Double HEEDer today!

Wor U23s take on Reading U23s at Blue Flames, Benton at 'high noon bells' today (aka Whitley Park) in a Premyaa Leegue 2 fixture---and then Gatesheed take on Alfreton Toon at The International Stadium in Gatesheed at '3:00 bells' in a National Leegue North encoontaa!
That's wor 'fixes' for today and a match report on both games will appear here----eventually! (On Munday)

And then (of course) tomorrow, wor forst team take on Sooothampton at SJP in a '2:00 bells' kick off in The Premyaa Leegue (NOT on the telly!) and a match report on that game will appear here sometime on Munday, alang with the above matches!
Az per usual---"Watch this space!"

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