Monday 29 October 2018


Posted '2:20pm bells' Tuesday 2nd October 2018
Updated '2:15pm bells' Thorsday 25th October 2018
Updated '1:20pm bells' Munday 29th October 2018

'The Geordie Times' iz leadin' the fightback against the 'Go Sober in October' campaign that iz heavily advertised on the telly, radio, tabloids and mags, to stop people drinkin for the month of October!
These individuals wernt content with 'Dry January' where people didn't drink in that month and now they've started on October!---what next we ask?--- 'No bevvies in February's' or 'Lets go dry in July!'
So we've started a "GO HIGH OCTANE IN OCTOBER!" campaign to help stem the rapid decline of wor traditional pubs before its too late!

Did you naa that 18 pubs a week are shuttin' doon because of people not usin their local boozers, which works oot at staggerin' 936 a year!

And these 'Go sober' do gooders are tryin to make it worse!
Wor '100 away pub crawl challenge' where we are tryin to visit a 100 away pubs durin' this season, iz well under way and we have visited a total of 62 different pubs/clubs since wor forst game of the season at Barrow in Furness in July!

THE FIGHTBACK IZ ON! (see away pub crawl pix article below!)

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