Wednesday 17 October 2018


Posted '2:43pm bells' Wedinzday 17th October 2018

With 2,000 tickets aalready sold, oot of 2,500, 'The Bad Blue Boys' of Dunston are expectin the biggest crowd in their history, when they take on 'The Heedbangers' of Gatesheed in the FA Cup 4th prelimanary roond this Saturday dinnaatime!
('12:30 bells' kick off and live on BBC stream)
There will be NO pay gates and the remainin' tickets are on sale @ The Dunston clubhoose today and tomorrow<(if there are any left?) from '5 to 7 bells' 

For those of yoo who divvint naa, Dunston iz in the west end of Gatesheed and they play in 'The Northern Leegue 1st Division' (level 9 in the Pyramid), while Gatesheed from 'The National Leegue' (level 5 in the Pyramid) hail from the east end of the town.

'The Bad Blue Boys' are the lowest ranked team still left in the competition and 'top marks' to them for not puttin' up their prices for admission (£6 and £3) and the match programme iz just a quid! (Food and drink iz the same price az for a usual Northern Leegue game, az well!) (Guisley, for example, are chargin' £13 admission for their FA Cup game!)

Dunston's groond iz just 3 miles from St. James' Park and the plan iz to hire a 16 seater mini bus to whisk us across the Tyne to watch NUFC play a vital 'must win' game v Brightin in the Premyaa Leegue at '3 bells'

(The Dunston game should finish by '2:20 bells' (hopefully!?) which gives us ample time to make the kick off at SJP (Fingers and toes crossed!)

It should be quite a hectic day on Tyneside!

Updated '11:15pm bells' in Manchester (night truck run depot!)
Anly 160 tickets left for Dunston game!
You'd better be quick if you want one!

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