Friday 28 July 2017

325 turnbull ground, whitby (v celtic u23s)

Ground number 325
Date of First Visit: 27th July 2017
Turnbull Ground, Whitby

Celtic U23s 1
Newcastle United U23s 2 (Toney 2)

Whitby Town Challenge Cup

Attendance 820 (200 Toon fans, 300 Celtic fans)

                      Jamie watches on az Ivan Toney
                       back heels the baall into the goal

This woz 7 year old grandson Jamie's 2nd new groond in less than a week, followin on from wor U23s success at Gatesheed the previous Saturday and he woz excited to be gannin aall the way to Whitby (80 miles) for 'a lang distance game' az Gatesheed Stadium iz a mere 5 miles roond trip from hiz hoose!

On arrival ootside the groond after a 2 hour drive from Tyneside, we parked up in a street near the groond and heeded for the seafront to find a 'chippy' az Whitby iz THE place to eat fish n chips, bein' a huge fishin port

We wornt disappointed az the fish shop in Silver Street sold excellent cod and it woz 'washed doon' up the road in 'The Granby' with a pint of 'Smiths' for me and a 'coke beer' for Jamie!

It woz then 'onward' back to the groond where the clubhoose woz packed with mainly Celtic fans and a few Toon

Jamie woz wearin a Toon top and a club official approached him and asked if he would like to be one of the mascots that came oot with the teams!
yoo can guess just wot hiz answer woz and he woz 'whisked away' towards the dressin rooms to meet the players!
(The 2nd time that he haz been a Toon mascot followin on from last season when he woz a mascot in wor home game against Burton Albion)
How lucky can yoo get!

Out he came from the players tunnel with wor number 4 Jack Hunter alang with 8 othaa mascots from both teams

We started off well and attacked the left hand goal from us   There woz a gadgie watchin the match from hiz bedroom window in a hoose behind the goal

Howevet, despite bein on top Celtic took the lead late on in the half

Jamie had predicted we would win 2-1 and he woz proved right az near the hour mark Ivan Toney back heeled the baall into the Celtic net to equalise
Before we had time to draw breath he scored again from a Roberts centre to win the game and put us into Saturdays final where we will play eethaa Whitby or AZ  Alkmaar of Holland
Unfortunatly I wont be there az I am off to Jawmany to watch the 1st team play Mainz at the same time az the final!

Toon fan Alex of St George had told Jamie that wolves prowelled the moor above Whitby at night and to make sure hiz window woz closed or they might 'get him'!
He did!

More pix to follow!

Update munday 31st July


A superb hat trick from Ivan Toney clinched the Whitby Challenge Cup final against AZ Almaar of Holland!
Just a pity we couldnt witness it az we wete in Jawmany watchin the  1st team at the same time!

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