Saturday 29 July 2017

326 opel arena mainz germany

Posted '6 50 bells'Jawman time 27th July 2017
Updated Sunday and Munday!

Ground number 326
Date of First Visit 29th July 2017
Opel Arena, Mainz, Germany

FSV Mainz 2
Newcastle United 1 (Gamez)

Attendance 6,470 (400 Toon fans)


A totally forgettable performance woz witnessed in the 30% heat and it woz more like a trainin session az the players sauntered aroond the pitch!

With hardly an effort on goal in the forst half we actually went behind after just 4 mins with a terrible defensive mix up!
It woz SO hot the players took a 'water break' after 25 minutes play!

We equalised in the  65th minute when Jesus scored!
(Jesus Gamez!) with a scrambled effort fron 1 yard oot! in front of the 400 Toon faithful present behind that goal!

However we couldnt hang on and a late winner from the home side sealed wor fate!
 Yet again we used 22 players!
Im in a bar near Mainz station writing this az we speeek!---- (6.30 bells)   Much more to follow later az I am in urgent need of some liquid refreshment!

Sunday update

The neet before we had been 'on the hoy" in Dusseldorf some 140 to the north of Mainz and had got the train from there the next mornin at '9 bells' which took 2 hour through the picturesque Rhine Valley where huge barges and pleasure cruisers past by on the river Rhine

It woz then an afternoon session in Mainz toon centre before heedin to some farmland on the ootskirts of Mainz where the 30,000 capacity brand new stadium woz located between fields of hay bails and crops of beetroot!

After watchin the match it woz then back to the toon centre to drown wor sorrows before catchin the train back to Dussedorf where wor hotel woz for somemore 'gargels' and finally 'beddy-byes'   "ZZZzzzz!!!"

It woz an orly 'get up' the next day to catch the mornin flight back to The Toon from Dusseldorf airport and I felt I'd been dragged backwards through a hedge 37 times after the previous days drinkin sessions!
Its 'aall go' when you're a Toon fan!!!


who put the lights oot?
"Chuckin oot time' in the orly hours of Sunday mornin!
BUT we DID manage to find anothaa bar open@

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