Sunday 12 March 2017

THE TOON 1 FUL'IM 3 *** EFL 2016-2017

Posted '9:55am bells' Sunday 12th March 2017


Wor worst home performance of the season happened yesterday when we 'imploded' against a very good Ful'im side who went 'for us' from the word 'go'!

Just why we cant go for 'the jugular' straight away in home games iz beyond us az we sit back and hope for a break!

This hasn't worked in previous games and it didn't here, az within 15 minutes we were 1-0 doon when Cairney hit an unstoppable shot past Darlow at The Leazes End!

It woz still the same score at the break but Ful'im had othaa chances to increase their lead!
WE could have ne excuses az a vitually full strength team woz on the field of play, but just couldn't get oot of 'forst gear'?

The away side scored 2 forthaa goals in the 2nd period when SIXTEEN year old Ryan Sessegnon netted for them! (totally unmarked for 1 of the goals)
3-0 doon and the game woz lost!!!!

Sub Daryl Murphy scored a consolation goal to lessen the deficit and then there woz a penalty miss for wor visitors in stoppage time!

Just why we cant play in front of 50,000 home fans (Ful'im had 1,350 in the 51,903 crowd) iz beyond us????

This result meeenz that we have lost FIVE home games this season and taken just ONE solitary point from the last 2 home games!
The hard work of victories at both Brighton and 'uddersfield and a draw at Readin' 'are lost' on wor home form?

Brighton are now level with us on 77 points and have 'dented' wor once unassailable goal difference with their 3-0 win ower Darbee on Friday (from +11 to + 6 now!) and 'uddersfield are just SIX points behind with 71 points followin' their 1-0 win at Brentfaad! (AND they have a game in hand v Bortin Albion at home!)

We now have 9 'cup finals' to gan to secure wor top flight retorn----it's 'squeaky bum time'---folks!

Toon team: Darlow, Anita, Lascelles, Clark (Gamez 64), Dummett, Richie, Shelvey, Colback, Atsu, Diame (Murphy 61), Gayle (Gouffran 74)

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