Monday 6 March 2017


Posted 'high noon bells' Munday 6th March 2017

The nevaa endin' roller coaster ride just gans on and on!---For we are on wor travels yet again when we visit Readin' tomorrow---wor 3rd away game in 7 days!
3 games a week for the last 3 weeks iz takin' its toll on mee piggy bank balance (Norwich away, Brighton away, 'uddersfield away, Readin' away!) with 3 oweneet stays needed for the lang distance ones!
If ever we needed to be back in The Premyaa Leegue, then the above fixture congestion surely tells us that! (8 extra midweek games in The Championship than The Premyaa!)

Brighton seem to be falterin' with 2 defeats in a row and 'uddersfield now look the more likely now to fill the 2nd automatic promotion place---although Leeedz are breathin' doon their necks!

But will WE finish in the othaa promotion place?----with just 11 games to gan and 11 points clear of 3rd place we are odds on favourites to reclaim top flight status---BUT! we DID blow a 12 point lead in 1996 when it looked certain we would win The Premyaa Leegue!---SO!---'divvint coont yi chickens'---yet!

With 13 away wins so far this season, equallin' King Keegan's record, we could be witnessin' sommmik 'historical' in NUFC's lang history by '10 bells' tomorrow neet!?

Yet again, aa have to de the night trunk run to Redditch tooneet (430 miles roond trip), before draggin' meesel 'oot mee scratch-pit' to catch the '11 bells' train to King's Cross' in the mornin'---the nevaa endin' roller coaster ride just gans on and on and ON!

A full match report will appear here sometime later this week (NOT Wednesday, az aa will have to drive to Redditch again az soon az aa get back from Readin' !)

SO!---Watch this space on THORSDAY!---2 days late---but this IZ 'The Geordie Times' after aaall!!!!

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