Sunday 5 March 2017

ground number 126.(revisited) mcalpine stadium (now john smiths stadium). 'UDDERSFIELD 1 THE TOON 3 *** EFL 2016-2017

Posted 'high noon bells' 5th March 2017
Date of This Visit: 4th March 2017


Anothaa fantastic away day oot and anothaa fantastic result for 'The Toon' against a very good 'uddersfield <(Yorkshire pronunciation) side!
The train jorney doon took little more than 2 hours and we arrived at wor designated boozer, which woz 'The Deighton Club' some 30 minutes walk from the groond! (and Toon fans free!)

It woz then onward to 'The White Horse' a 10 minute walk doon a steep hill on the way (just to break the jorney up, like!)

There were presisleee NE people in the bar!--- but the telly woz on and the gadgie telt us that Brighton were getting beat 2-0 at Forest with just minutes to gan! (3-0 eventually!)
Great news if yoo are a Toon or 'uddersfield fan and a great build up to the match!


The home fans were reeely 'up for it' az they banged there 'clackers' and waved their banners and the noise woz the best so far this season!
We never stopped singin' and the vital breakthrough came in the 10th minute when Matt Richie woz 'clipped' inside the box and the ref pointed straight to the spot!
Up he stepped to send their goalie the wrang way and the 1,900 Toon fans (that's aall they would give us!) celebrated wildleee!

'uddersfield are a very good team and tried in vain for the equaliser, but a goal from Daryl Murphy on the half hour mark, when he took the baall off their keeper and slotted it through a tight angle past 2 defenders and into the back of the net!---silenced 'the clacker brigade' and brung a crescendo of noise from 'wor lot' !

2-0 at the break!

The home side wouldn't give up and they got their 'reward when Shelvey needlessly gave a penalty away when he 'tackled' one of their players in the box.
Aaron MOOy <(a very appropriate name for a UDDERSfield player?) (sic!) stepped up to take it and sent Darlow in the Toon goal the wrang way to set up a nailbitin' last few minutes az the home side pounded wor goal!

Their keeper came up for a corner near 'the end' but the baall woz kicked up the field where sub Dwight Gayle woz waitin'!
Their keeper made a hash of a clearance az he ran back towards hiz goal and Gayle had the simple task of noddin' the baall doon and placin' it into an empty net to 'blow' 'uddersfield away! (double sic!)
3-1 and 3 magic points to send us 5 points clear of Brighton and more importantly ELEVEN points clear of 'uddersfield in thord place!

The winnin' post iz in the distance now, with just 11 games to gan!

PS: This woz wor forst ever competitive game here, but we have played 2 friendlies and a FA Youth Cup game here in the past! (And of course, "we woz there!") 

Toon team : Darlow, Anita, Dummett, Clark, Lascelles, Colback (Gouffran 72), Shelvey, Atsu (Yedlin 81), Richie, Diame, Murphy (Gayle 66)

Attendance: 23, 213 (1,900 very (very!) happy Toon fans!)
A record crowd for a leegue game here!
PS: Even 'The Tyne Bridge' came doon for this one!

*The pre match 'gargels' took place here!

PPS: 'Mal the Inglish Skool Teecha <(hiz spellin' not mine!) received an extraordinary  letter from a mackem fan tellin' him that they had sent hiz Huddersfield ticket to hiz neighbours hoose in Houghton Le Spring by misteak (Mal lives in DARLINGTON!)

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