Wednesday 18 January 2017


Posted 'high noon bells' Tuesday 17th January 2017

After an absence of two and a half months the original 'Geordie Times' iz now back online thanx to 'Alex the Website Wizard' who haz somehow managed to get mee old stuff back from oblivion!
Aaltogether there were ower 1,700 posts plus a canny few pages which would have taken 'forever' to transfor from the old site to the new one!

The new address for the time being iz! and aa hope to get '' back in the next few weeks!

If it wasnt' for 'Alex, hiz daddy 'Alex of St George' and 'Dave from York' persuadin' me 'not to give up' before the Brentfaad game on Saturday I would have probably abandoned the attempt to try and renew the old site, which Google/Go Daddy/G Suite made virtually impossible to do so!

They said eetha mee password/user name /pin number waz incorrect and wouldn't let me renew, even though I've used aall 3 off them in the past!---Subsequently the website 'went doon' on 4th November last year and anly now haz it been recovered!

Once again special thanx to 'Alex the Website Wizard', hiz 'daddy' and Dave!

"The drinkx are on mee!---the next time aa see yee!"

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