Sunday 1 January 2017


Posted 'midneet bells' New Years Day 2017 

The last 2 months have been calamitous az far az 'The Geordie Times' iz concerned, az wor original website went doon on 4th November, az we were unable (despite many many attempts!) to renew the old domain name by 30th October (

This iz why the new site waz started az we were eventually telt by 'Go Daddy' the domain provider that 'AYE' we could renew it (after the deadline had passed!)--BUT that they wanted $95 (£77!) to do so instead of the $10 it would have been had they let us renew it in the forst place! (before the deadline!)
We declined their ridiculous offer and told them to drop in and see us sometime---(addin' that we live in the River Tyne!) and went to 'blogspot' instead---which iz FREE!

Anyway!-- so we 'launched' the new site:  to carry on! (a bit of a mouthful, we admit!)
Unfortunately, because the old site went doon, reeeders thought it must be finished for good and we have lost three qwaataaz of wor regulars because of this!
The old site got approx. 4,000 hits per month, whereaz the new one iz just above the 900 pageviews per month az we speak!

The pageview total for '' waz 241,856 before it went doon!
We have decided to add the 2 together (after aall it iz STILL the SAME site but with a different domain name!) and the qwaata of a million 'hits' shud be achieved sometime in the new year
241,856 + 1,717 = 243,663 az we speeek!

Downloadin' the old archive stuff from the old site haz been quite a 'mental nightmare brain-teezer' and we are workin' feverously to do it! (az we anly have the equivalent of 'half a sheeps brain' between us, it might take quite a while!)

For example, we have to save the old archive stuff to 'draft'--then save it to a 'text document'--then we have to save it to a 'word document', before deleatin' loads of rubbish (meaningless words, arrows etc!)  Even then we cant move pictures ower and must do it individually, which teks ages! 

"PLEEEZE! tell everyone yoo know" aboot the new web address and have a very happy new year and hope (against hope!) that we are back in' the big time' come next August!

Fink (the mad-sad groundhopper) (323 & coontin'!)

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