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Posted 'high noon bells' Thorsday 23rd March 2017

I must declare an interest in the latest 'Fairs Cup' article in 'The Ronny Gill' aboot Wyn Davies, who woz 75 orlier this week!
For Wyn woz my favourite player az a school kid in the 1960's and I used to idolise him and watch in amazement when a corner woz taken--az aa stood near the front of the old Leazes End!

"Wyn!-Wyn!-Wyn!-Wyn!" 'The Leazes' would shout az the corner came ower--and Wyn 'the Leap' would invariably jump high into the air and heed the baall into the back of the net--az the crowd cheered!
He woz the best heeder of a baall a'v ever seen!

One day in the late 60's aa woz waalkin' doon Northumberland Street when aa bumped into Wyn and wor number 4 Tommy Gibb with hiz girlfriend/wife?
Aa woz 'ore struck' and blurted oot "HI WYN!" and he replied "HI SON!" and waalked on by!
My hero and idol had spoken to me and a'v NEVER forgotten it to this day!

Posted 'high noon bells' Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Last week we 'trawled' through 'The Ronny Gill' and foond an advort for a Fairs Cup Final prog for £20 (we wont repeat any ads for this az there are probably quite a few!)
40th mention 

Posted '1:15pm bells' Thorsday 2nd March 2017

Last Saturday 'The Ronny Gill' said that NUFC were the 15th best supported club in Europe despite bein' in the 2nd tier of Inglish futbaall---the ANY non top flight club to be in the 'top 20'
John 'Fairs Cup' Gibson mentions this alang with the fact that we haven't won a major domestic trophy since 1955 (FA Cup) and (of course!) 1969 iz aalso mentioned---when we won 'The European FAIRS CUP!
Mention 39!

Posted 'high noon bells' Munday 20th February 2017
 The 38th mention since Sept 2015
Benny Arentoft article
PS: Az The Geordie Times woz 'doon' in Nov/Dec and half of January we might have missed a couple of Fairs Cup articles!

37th mention---John 'Fairs Cup' Gibbo's birthday! 

36th mention--- Fairs Cup 'do'

Last Tuesday there waz yet anothaa mention of 'yee naa wot' in a 'memories from the past' page
The 35th mention in 13 months (34 in a 1 year period---Sept 2015 to Sept 2016!) (An average of once every 10.7352941176471 days!)  <(aye! aa used mee phones calculator!)

Posted 'high noon bells' 5th September 2016 

Since we last mentioned it on Joon 12th there have been FIVE more mentions of the Fairs Cup---3 of them in the last week.
We have photos of the last 3 but unfortunatalleee non of the 2 before that <(just look at previous 'library pix'!)

Torn your computaa on its side to find oot!
(Article on John Gibson's 50 years reportin' on The Toon---Guess wot he's mentioned most in that time???)
(Spot the difference between this and the photo below the next one!)

(Spot the difference between this and the photo below the next one!)

Posted '11:00am bells Sunday 12th Joon 2016

Of course the Sunday Sun had to get in 'on the act' on the day we brought the Fairs Cup yem!
(29th mention and 2nd in 2 days!)

Posted 1:50pm bells Saturday 11th Joon 2016

It's been quite a while since the Fairs Cup waz mentioned in the 'Ronny Gill' (7 weeks!), but it HAD to be mentioned on the 47th annivorsary of that historic win in Budapest!
(28th mention since last September!)

Posted 'high noon bells' Sunday 24th April 2016


Anothaa Fairs Cup mention by 'Gibbo' in 'The Ronny Gill'(Saturday 23rd)---but this time we AGREE!---az it's for the fund for wor former giant centre half John McNamee who waz hit by the recent floods at hiz Cockermooth home!
A total of £600 waz raised by 'The Fairs Club' to help John who featured prominently in wor Fairs Cup win nearly 47 years ago
The 27th mention since last September, of wor (last!) major trophy win! 

Posted 'high noon bells' Thorsday 14th April 2016

Just ower a week after the last mention of The Inter Cities Fairs Cup, 'The Ronny Gill's nostalgia section gans back 47 years in time to 1969, when we beat Man U 2-0 @ SJP in the 'old' 1st Division.
European Cup winners the previous year, Man U included in their side, George Best, Bobby Charlton, Nobby Stiles and Denis Law!
Of course az the year 1969 waz mentioned, then guess wot????
The 26th mention of 'yee naa wot' in the last 28 weeks!

Posted 'high noon bells' Wednesday 6th April 2016

A 'face to face' interview by ex Toon player and assistant manager Terry Mac with John 'Fairs Cup' Gibson in yesterday's 'Ronny Gill', reveals he played under 2 great managers in Bob Paisley for Liverpool and 'Smokin' Joe Harvey at NUFC
Whenever Joe Harvey's name iz mentioned in a 'Gibbo' interview---yi just naa wot hiz 'mind-set' iz---and!!!---- wots comin' next!!!!!!---divvint yi?????
The 25th mention in the last 27 weeks of the weird shaped trophy we won before man had landed on the moon!
PS: Talkin' of the Scousers----Wonder if 'The Liverpool Echo' mentions every 10 days or so, that Liverpool won the UEFA Cup in 1973?-----(just one of the 37 major trophies they have won since we last won one!)---- wot do YOO reckon??????

Posted '10:40am bells' Munday 4th April 2016

The Sunday Sun gets in the act once again with an article entitled 'through the decades' featurin' the '1960's---and guess wot happened at the end of that decade!
24th mention of The Fairs Cup in wor local 'rags' in just ower 6 months!

Posted 3:40pm bells' April Fools Day 2016 (Friday)

Followin' on from last week, 'The Ronny Gill lasted EIGHT (8!) whole days before (yet anothaaa!) mention of the Fairs Cup ---for the 23rd time in just ower 6 months! (yesterday)
This time it's a feature on defender Ollie Burton who of course played in that competition in 1969

Posted 'high noon bells' Good Friday 25th March 2016

The 'Ronny Gills' 'Pink nostalgia' article on Wednesday waz aboot great Toon teams from  different eras.
Leegue Champions in the Edwardian era, FA Cup winners in 'the fifties' and (of course!) the 1969 FAIRS CUP winners were included in the article!
The 22nd mention in the last 6 months!

Posted 'high noon bells' Thorsday 10th March 2016

With aall the 'shenanigans' gannin' on aboot wor new impendin' manager, we forgot to mention that The Inter Cities Fairs Cup haz been mentioned TWICE in the last few days!  
Forstly, in 'The Sunday Sun' last Sunday, when The Fairs Club travelled doon to Yorkshire to celebrate Stan Anderson's 82nd birthday (He waz captain in the 1965 promotion side, but never featured in The Fairs Cup)

And in 'The Ronny Gill' on Tuesday, when speculation aboot just who would take ower when McClaren iz (eventually) sacked, included Bobby Moncur az a caretaker manager---and (of course!) when Moncur's name iz ever mentioned, yoo naa wots comin' next! 

21 mentions---and coontin'!

Posted 1:00pm bells Friday 26th February 2016
One of the inside back pages of wor local 'rag' yesterday!

'The Ronny Gill' haz surpassed itself this time!--For the weird shaped trophy we won nearly 47 years ago waz mentioned for the THORD time in the last FOWER days!---This time it's aboot games @ SJP played under the glare of floodlights!

19 mentions! ---and cooontin'!

Posted 1:45pm bells' Thorsday 25th February 2016

For the 2nd day in a row the Inter Cities Fairs Cup haz been mentioned in 'The Ronny-Gill'. This time there's an article in yesterday's 'rag' on Manager Joe Harvey who sadly died on 24th February 1989

The 18th mention of The Fairs Cup since September 25th last year!

Posted 12:55pm bells' Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Just ower one month since the last mention of The Fairs Cup 'The Ronny-Gill' have posted a photo of the Fairs Cup winnin' team with Alan Foggon given star treatment this time az it's hiz borthday today!

The 17th mention of The Inter Cities Fairs Cup in the last 5 months! 

Posted '2:15pm bells' Wednesday 20th January 2016

Just one day after the last mention of the Fairs Cup in 'The Ronny-Gill', then this piece appeared concernin' Toon transfor records and the fact that Wyn 'The Leap' Davies signed for a then record fee of £80,000 in 1966
Once any member of the Fairs Cup winnin' team iz mentioned, then yi naa wots comin' next!---divvint yi?
(The 16th Fairs Cup mention since September 25th!)

Posted 'high noon bells' Tuesday 19th January 2016

We were gettin' very worried az The Fairs Cup hadn't been mentioned for nearly a month--but we can 'heave a sigh of relief' today, az just TWO DAYS short of a month since the last mention  (a world record between 'mentions' we 'fink'!) it haz been mentioned again in a Ronny-Gill article, az it's Fairs Cup captain Bobby Moncur's 71st birthday today (nuw that's GOT to be mentioned somewhere in 'Gibbos' column---hasn't it???)
(The 15th Fairs Cup mention in wor local 'rag' within the last 4 months!)

Posted 10:55am bells Munday 21st December 2015

For once 'The Geordie Times' agrees 100% that this mention of 'The Fairs Cup' iz totally justified by John Gibson in the 'Ronny-Gill on Saturday!

John McNamee who played a part in wor 1969 Fairs Cup success waz flooded oot for the 2nd time in hiz home in the Cumbrian town of Cockermouth!

He waz flooded oot a few years ago and because of this he couldn't get building or contents insurance for hiz hoose which haz been completely wrecked (again!)

A fund haz been set up to help him replace the electrical appliances and furniture which were destroyed and the address for donations iz printed below!

'The Geordie Times' iz sendin' a cheque to help oot and we hope that anyone who saw this giant of a man play can help him az well!
Big Mac can anly get aboot these day with the help of 2 sticks and a mobility scooter and we wish him well!

Send donations by cheque or postal orders payable to 'The Fairs Club' to: Harry Watson, secretary of The Fairs Club, 24 Lancaster Drive, Wallsend, NE28 9TE, (England)

Up to now ower £3,000 haz been raised to help him---it's just a pity we wouldn't be able to raise enough to buy him anothaa hoose away from the flood plain!

Best wishes John, from aall Toon fans!---Yoo will never be forgotten by those who saw yoo play!

Posted '11:22am bells' 'Black Eye' Friday 18th December 2015

FIVE days on from the John McNamee article (below) 'The Ronny-Gill' haz printed a photo of The Fairs Cup final programme cover in 'The Pink Nostalgia section' (Wednesday's 'rag')
The 13th 'Fairs Cup' mention since September 25th!

Posted Saturday 12th December 2015


Just TWO DAYS after the last Mention of 'The Inter Cities Fairs Cup' in wor local 'rag', wor attention torns to John McNamee who played a blinder in The Fairs Cup semi final 1st leg in Glasgow against Rangers! (pictured above)
John lives in Cockermouth in Cumbria and sadly for the 2nd time in 5 years hiz home haz been wrecked by the recent floods.
The Ronny-Gill of course had to mention that John had played in the 1969 Fairs Cup campaign, when tellin' us aboot hiz predicament! 

Posted Thorsday 10th December 2015
Yesterday's 'Ronny Gill'

It had been exactleee a fortneet since 'The Fairs Cup waz last mentioned in 'The Ronny-Gill'---SO!---John 'Fairs Cup' Gibson made amends yesterday with yet anothaa two page spread in a 'Face to Face' feature on Fairs Cup goal scorin' hero Alan Foggon!
We actually won the competition before man had landed on the Moon! <(Aye!--it waz that lang ago!)
(Fairs Cup win, June 1969--1st Moon landing, July 1969!) 
(11 mentions since September 25th!)

Posted Thorsday 26th November 2015

We were gettin' a bit worried @ 'The Geordie Times' az The Inter Cities Fairs Cup hadn't been mentioned by John 'Fairs Cup' Gibson in 'The Ronny Gill' for a week and a half!

But we can heave a sigh of relief ("AAAaaarrr!!!") to wor loyal reeeders, az yesterday 'Gibbo' surpassed himself by puttin' a TWO PAGE SPREAD! aboot 'The Fairs Club' in it! (The fan club that meets up with the players who won that famous (NEVER to be forgotten!) trophy nearly 46 and a half years ago!)---The TENTH (10th!) mention of the Fairs Cup in the local 'rags' in less than 2 months!

PS: Perhaps 'Gibbo' finx that by continuingly mentionin' that 'long glass' shaped trophy, that it will take wor minds off the current plight of wor team now!?

Posted Thorsday 12th November 2015 <(might not be that day exactly, we are gettin' totally confused!)

"They just cant help it!---they just cant help it!---they just cant help it!"

The Ronny-Gill on Thorsday tells us that it's the birthday of 2 of the Fairs Cup winnin' team---namely Pop Robson and Ollie Burton---The NINTH! mention of The Inter Cities Fairs Cup in the local rags since September 25th
'Pop' waz 70 and 'Ollie' waz 74 on  Thorsday, which just gans to show just how lang ago it iz since we won wor last major trophy! (46 years, 5 months and 2 days to be exact!) 

Dates mentioned since we highlighted it in September:
Fri 25th Sept---Wed 30th Sept---Thu 1st Oct---Tue 6th Oct---Wed 7th Oct---Wed 14th Oct---Fri 17th Oct---Sun 25th Oct (Sunday Sun)---Thu 12th Nov---

Posted Munday 26th October 2015

The 'Ronny-Gill's sister paper 'The Sunday Sun' haz been gettin' in 'on the act' and mentioned The Inter Cities Fairs Cup in a 'Memory Lane' article last Sunday--The EIGHTH! mention in less than a month from Newcastle based papers (we DONT read 'The Jawnil' so we havvent got a clue how many times they've mentioned it!?)

Posted Friday 17th October 2015

'The Ronny- Gill' just can't help it!----The SIXTH mention of The Fairs Cup in less than a month happened yesterday, just THREE days after it waz last mentioned on Tuesday.
This time it's aboot players who have played for both NUFC and The SMBs.and speculates if ex Toon player Kevin Nolan will join The SMBs <(he who scored a hat-trick against them not so lang ago!)
Bobby Moncur played for both and of course wor local 'rag' HAD to put a photo of him holdin' The Fairs Cup aloft!

Posted 'high noon bells' Wednesday 14th October 2015


The FIFTH mention of The Fairs Cup haz happened yesterday just SEVEN days since it waz last mentioned in 'The Ronny Gill' last Tuesday
This time there iz a feature on centre back Ollie Burton

Posted 'high noon bells' Wednesday 7th October 2015

The FOURTH mention of the Inter Cites Fairs Cup since we highlighted it on Friday 25th September waz in 'The Ronny Gill' yesterday under the headin' 'Under the Lights' (games played under floodlights)

The 1st floodlit game mentioned yesterday waz  v FEYENOORD in 1968--wor forst ever game in Europe and of course 'The Fairs Cup' opener!
A photo of John 'Gibbo' Gibson iz featured az he (suprize! suprize? wrote the article! <(who else could write it?)

This year alone 'The Fairs Cup' haz been mentioned at least once a week in wor local 'rag'--tooo many to coont and remember!
It's gettin' very embarassin' that we have to gan back 46 plus years to have anything to 'cheer' of course--but to mention it week in week out iz gettin' beyond a joke!

Since we highlighted it 11 days ago:
Friday 25th September, Wednesday 30th September, Thorsday 1st October and the latest FIVE days later, Tuesday 6th October!----pleeeze pleeeeze "give it a rest!", 'Gibbo'! 

*'The Ronny Gill' iz the Geordie slang for local 'The Chronicle' newspaper---paper sellers shout what soonds like "Ronny-Gill!" ("Chron-ic-ile!") az they sell them on the street corners!

Monday, 20 March 2017


Posted 'high noon bells' Munday 20th March 2017


After three and a half hours sleep after finishin' nightshift "ZZZZZzzzzz!!!!!" it woz 'up again' at '6am bells' to catch the '7:22 bells' train doon to Bormingham (via Doncaster)

We'd booked a hotel in 'Donny' az there woz a replacement bus service from York to Darlo on the way back--- and then back on a train to The Toon! (that's train-bus-train!) 
Tooo much 'hassle' so we decided to come back the next day instead and have a neet in downtown Doncaster (Donny)

We got off the train in Donny and dropped wor bags off at The St Leger Hotel which iz next to the racecourse and then grabbin' a pint in 'The Mallard' next to the station before jumpin' back on the train to New Street (Bormingham)

The next part of the jorney woz a bit chaotic to say the least az we had tickets from Donny to Sheffield--Sheffield to Derby---and then Derby to Bormingham---aall in different seats in the same carriage!
(This woz to save £50 instead of bookin' direct to wor destination!)

Because the train woz packed we had to vacate wor seats 3 times to let people who had booked them into them--and then hoy people oot, who were sittin' in wor new seats---aall in the space of an hour--which iz a 'new world record' for changin' seats on a train (4 times if yoo include Toon to Donny!)-------I hope yoo are followin' aall this?

Anyway!--On wor arrival at New Street ('11 bells') we headed for wor fave haunt roond theeze parts--'The Welly' (for the 4th time this season!) which iz up a hill from the station

It woz then onward to The Bordsley Club which iz a 10 minute walk from St Andrews before heedin for the tornstiles!



1st HALF ACTION AZ THE TOON ATTACK 'WOR END' (we are in white)
The steward at the front iz supposed to be watchin' the crowd--NOT! the match!

It torned oot to be anothaa drab game and the main taalkin' point woz a disallowed goal in the forst half, scored by Matt Richie az he scrambled the baall into the back of the net directly in front of us!
"GOAL!"---and for a few seconds it woz---UNTIL!!!---the linesman on the far side belatedly raised hiz flag for 'offside' and the goal waz chalked off!
From where we were at the front (see above pic) it looked a porfectleee good goal?

We had a few chances after this 'to win it' but the Brummie goalie woz on form to deny us and the game ended goal-less!
ONE point anly--BUT! az wor main rivals 'uddersfield had lost 4-0 at Bristol the neet before and Brighton lost 2-0 at Leeedz in the live teatime game after wor match, we'd actually GAINED groond on both of them!
(A'd moved forthaa back to get a better view!)

After the match we heeded back to Donny for the evenin' 'session' where several 'liquid lubrications' were consumed--but not one of them in 'The Staff of Life'--a boozer tucked away in a side street in the toon centre!
We entered the bar where six people were sittin' on stools aroond the bar coontaa with the manageress behind the bar taalkin' aboot somebody gettin' 'a good spankin'!!!!

'THE STAFF OF LIFE! (WITH the curtains open!)

The manageress looked az us az though we'd just waalked into hor hoose uninvited and said abruptly, "We're CLOSED!"
"It's anly haff past NINE!", we protested, but she woz havin' none of it and asked us to leave!

We did and took wor custom to a boozer next door caalled The Doncaster Brewery and telt the manageress there wot had just happened!
"Oh!" she said, "It's a very strange set up in there!"--but didn't elaborate, so we left it at that! (We'd renamed hor 'Miss Whiplash' by this time!)

To get to the 'tool shed' in this bar yoo had to waalk past several vats of beer fermentin' in the next room and the smell of hops sent yoo 'high az a kite' az yoo waalked past!--a strange set up indeed!

On leavin' the bar at 'chuckin oot time', we noticed that 'The Staff of Life' curtains had been drawn!!!---wot woz gannin' on inside we thought???---(Your guess iz az good az mine!)

After a 'nose-bag', it woz back to the hotel for a few hours kip "ZZZZzzzz!!!!" before catchin' the '9:30 bells' train back to The Toon the next mornin', wonderin' just wot HAD happened 'the neet before' in 'yoo naa where'????---THE MIND BOGGLES!!!!

Toon team: Darlow, Anita, Hanley, Lascelles, Dummett, Richie, Diame, Colback, Gouffran (Atsu 82), Murphy (Gayle 63), Perez, (Shelvey 78)

Attendance: 19,796 (3,200 Toon fans)

* Some othaa boozers visited in Donny