Friday 19 April 2024


 Posted '1:29pm bells' Friday 19th April 2024

With nee game this weekend coz wor Premyaa Leegue original opponents this weekend, Moan U, are in FA Cup semi final action ower the weekend---SO!--- we are off to Dunston tomorrow to see 'The Bad Blue Boys' play Winterton Rangers in a Northern Premyaa Leegue game!

Ower the last couple of months Dunston have been ordered by the FA to play home games ‘away’ at places like Consett, Morpeth and even at Brighoose in Yorkshire? coz their pitch haz been waaterlogged with aall the heavy rain recently, and the drainage system haz been unable to cope with the crap wethaaa!

They've lost a fortune in bar and food takings and have played at least 7 home games away from home!

Gettin back to the FA Cup---az from next season there will be nee replays from the forst roond onwards, which haz infuriated the lower leegue and non leegue clubs az they wornt consulted aboot the changes at aall!

Personally it's good for me az aa gan to EVERY Toon home and away game, az its a reet hassle to arrange to gan to the othaa end of the country at short notice, shud a replay be needed---and of course the expense of an owerneet stay and travel! (Plymooth away after a draw at SJP and then a 850 mile roond trip midweek!---Nee thanx!)

And then to European qualification---coz of Man City, The Arse, Livaapoool and West Ham gettin knocked oot of Europe this week, anly 4 (instead of 5) Champions Leegue places will be allocated to Ingish clubs!----2 othaa places are for the Europa Leage and 1 for the Conference Leegue!

The permutations meen that NUFC must finish in the top 6 to gaurentee a European spot next season!---It's aall 'iffs' and 'buts'!---dependin who wins the Leegue and FA Cup!---And the anly team left in Europe, Villa could qualify for the Europa Leegue shud they win the Conference!---Unless they automatically qualify for The Champions Leegue!----7th place for us iz a possibility 'but' not certain!

We divvint play again til next Wedinzday when we travel to Palace in south London for a Premyaa Leegue fixture!

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