Monday 22 April 2024


 Posted 'high noon bells' Munday 22nd April 2024

News that Gatesheed FC have been barred from the play-offs coz they cannit give a 10 year gaurentee that they can play at The International Stadium for that length of time, haz outraged Heed fans who at forst blamed Gatesheed Cooncil for that!

However they have responded to that claim that they are massivly in debt and are tryin' to sell it off and so cannit give them the 10 year assurance until its sold!

The question iz----why oh why didnt they tell the club this at the start of the season????

SO! —-in fact! —The Heedbangers have played the whole season to get back into the Futbaall Leegue for NOTHING! (They were voted oot in 1960 after finishin' 3rd bottom of the old 4th Division---with the bottom 2 clubs voted back in!)

They were due to play Solihull Moors at Solihull tomorrow neet in the forst qwaataa final play of---but that game haz now been cancelled with Solihull given a 'bye' to the semi finals!!!

Correction!--- Altrincham have been given a 'bye' instead of Solihull, coz they finished higher!----Solihull must now play Halifax on Wedinzday!


Gatesheed cooncil’s response

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