Friday 20 January 2017


Posted '1:17pm bells'  Friday 20th January 2017

News that wor away game at 'Ne Where Near Brighton' haz been rescheduled to Tuesday 28th February haz reached us!
HOWEVER!--shud eethaa 'us' or Brighton progress to the 5th roond of the FA Cup AND need a replay,then that game will be moved at very short notice for the THORD time!

The Toon had asked for a date later in the season that wouldn't clash with replays
But the EFL and SKY said: "NO! you will play when we tell you!"
(Brighton aalso objected to wor request!)
This meeenz we are left in limbo once again az we cant book any trains or hotels for fear of it bein' re-rescheduled!!!

The Brentfaad game last week for example waz moved from last Munday to last Saturday at very short notice as we had a cup replay with Bormingham on Wednesday neet!
It cost me £88 on the train WITH a railcard---it would have been £122 withoot! (had aa been able to book well in advance it would have cost less than £50!)

The Saturday after Brighton we are away to 'uddersfield and then anothaa away game against 'The Biscuitmen'of Reading on a Tuesday neet!---that's THREE away games in SEVEN days!

They couldn't give a S**T! aboot 'us' ---could they!

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