Monday 23 May 2016


Posted 'high noon bells' Friday 20th May 2016

Wor 'secret' club 'insider' and 'Geordie Times'z cheef sauce of infomation haz telt us that a deal to keep 'Rafa the Gaffa' iz imminent and shud be completed in the next few days!
We can anly hope (and pray!) that this iz true az the alternatives bandied aboot  (Neil Warnock and the 'Tramp in a Tracksuit' Tony Pulis!) are truly frightenin'!

We will keep yoo---wor loyal reeders informed of any future developments!----watch this space!  
Updated 'high noon bells' Saturday 21st May 2016
Wor 'secret agent' and 'club insider' tells us that Rafa wants TOTAL CONTROL!
But will the club give him it?
Updated 'high noon bells' Munday 23rd May 2016
Furthaa discusions between wor beloved MD 'Penfold and 'Rafa the Gaffa' are takin' place az we speak with written agreements and roles bein' discussed!
Rafa haz aalso been consulted ower the future of certain players to be kept or jettisoned and aall will be reveeeled very soon we hope!

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