Monday 30 May 2016


Posted '2:35pm bells' Saturday 28th May 2016


Amazingleee!--after a disastrous relegation, aall Toon fans are 'on cloud 9' that Rafa iz stayin' to guide us back to 'the promised land' at the forst attempt!

The clubs 'hand' of course waz forced because of wor demise and they HAD to give in to Rafa's demands of 'total control' or else they would have 'lost him'!---And the consequences of that would have been catastrophic!  ('The Tramp in a Tracksuit', Tony Pulis's name had been mentioned az possible new manager!!!) <(god forbid!!!)

Had NUFC NOT been relegated then we 'fink' that those in charge would NOT have 'given in' to Rafa's demands and that he 'would have walked'! (ie: Premyaa Leegue TV millions rules OK!) And so relegation to the 'abyss' haz torned oot to be 'a blessing in diguise' az far az we are concerned!

With season tickets bein' slashed by 10% we are absolutleee certain that average gates will exceed 50,000 next season!---even against Burton Albion and Rotherham United!

The 'feel good' factor' iz back---that's for certain!

Meeeenwhile!---the forst of the play-offs takes place today @ '5:30 bells' when Sheff Wed take on Hull for a place in the Premyaa Leegue!
We reeely would like Sheff Wed to win and gan up---not because we like them--but because they charged Leeds fans £47 ! (FORTY SEVEN QUID!) to get in last season!!!
We imagine that Hull will be much cheaper!?

Updated '10:10am bells Sunday 29th May 2016

We didn't get wor wish az Hull won 1-0 and we will probably be singin' "FIFTY QUID!--YA HAVIN' A LAFF!" when we gan to Hillsborough next season!

Barnsley play Millwaall today in the Division 1 play off final and we would like Barnsley to come up az its nearer (and less dangerous!)

Updated '12:35pm bells' Munday 30th May 2016

Barnsley DID win (3-1) az the Millwaall fans rioted! <(now that's a surprise!)      

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