Monday 2 May 2016


Posted '10:47am bells' Munday 2nd May 2016

Results ower the weekend meen that we are oot of the bottom 3 with just 2 games to gan, 1 clear of 'The SMBs' and 2 clear of 'The Canary Custards of Norwich' who languish in 2nd bottom place!

However!!!--both wor rivals have games in hand which they play on Wednesday week ,when the mackems are at home to Everton and Norwich are at home to Watford!

A win for us at 'The Hazbeenz and Villians' next Saturday and defeats for both 'The SMBs' who are at home to Chelski and 'The Custards' who are at home to Man U, will then put us FOWER points clear of the drop zone!
Of course any othaa results would be a disaster on Saturday and it looks very likely that it will gan doon to the last day of the season (for the 2nd year runnin'!) when we play title chasers Sporz

However!!!--a draw or a defeat for Sporz at Chelski toneet in "west Landan" would meen that they WOULD NOT be able to win the Leegue at 'wor place' and that Lestaa City would be crowned champions!
We need aall the help we can get! "Come on Chelski!" (toneet AND Saturday!)

Updated: '10:20pm bells'

Sporz anly drew at Chelski meenin' that they CANNIT now win the Leegue @ SJP a week on Sunday!
'The Basil Brush Brigade' are champions!---whoever would have believed that at the start of the season???

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