Tuesday 28 April 2015

316 oakwood training centre, derby

(Ground number 316)
Date of First Visit: 28th April 2015
Oakwood Training Centre, Derby

Derby County U21s 4
Newcastle United U21s 0

FA Premier U21 (Reserve) League
Attendance: 101, or waz it 102? <(we lost count!)
(inc. 4 Toon fans who travelled doon, <('US'!) plus a few exiles)


The day before this game we foond oot that Derby Coonty had 'hoyed a spanner into the works' and changed the venue of this game from Alfreton Toon's Conference ground to a 'field in Deepest Derbyshire' at the last moment!--very dissapointin' for us NOT to chalk up anothaa Conference groond (it would have been 'number 17' for me!) but at least we hadn't been to Oakwood eethaa--so it wasn't a wasted jorney! <(YET!) <(see last paragraph!)   

A 'three qwaataz full' car-load of THREE set off from the north east @ '10:00am bells' with 'Michael the Mag' drivin' and me and 'Blondie Alan the Morris Dancer' in tow!

After negotiatin' the 4 sets of major road works to get there, we foond worsels in 'The Oak and Acorn' boozer some 3 hours later, which iz in a hoosin' estate not far from Derby's trainin' ground

After several 'light refreshments' of John Smiths bitter and 'Mad Goose Sparklin' ale'!, we devoured some pub scran az we were absolutely 'clammin', before makin' wor way to the groond, half a mile away for the '3:00 bells' start! 
'Byzy from Ashington' then torned up to make it a grand total of FOWER who had travelled doon from the north east!

It waz bright and sunny but very windy az the game kicked off with The Toon wearin' that horrible grey away kit that we aall hate!

The trainin' centre sits high above Derby and yoo can see for miles across the city with fower coolin' towers from a distant power station on the horizon behind the left hand goal!

With heed coach John Carver in attendance to 'eye over' Siem De Jong, Adam Armstrong and Facundo Ferreyra, we started off the brighter of the sides and Armstrong went close orly on!

It waz 'The Rams', however, who took the lead through Thomas in the 26th minute, who shot past Paul Woolston in The Toon goal---The lead waz soon doubled when Bennett fired home after 38 minutes.

The 2nd half started off just the same az we attacked 'The Cooling Towers End <(wot else!?) and a quick succession of corners followed, but we couldn't put the baall away> (De Jong waz havin' a quiet game az Carver looked on anxiously on the far touchline az he stood forlornly 'aall on hiz lonesome'!)
* It shud be noted that Derby Coonty's heed coach--'The Wally with the Brolly' was NOT in attendance!

Derby forthaa increased their lead through 'mystery man' <(couldn't see who scored for them!) and finally their number 8 Callum Guy put the final nail in wor coffin just before the end!

Correction: "Er!"-Just foond oot that their 'number 11' Ivan Calero scored the last goal!---<(I blame the 'The Mad Goose Ale'!?)

"Anothaa wasted jorney for 'the mad-sad groundhoppers'!---QUICK pass me a 'MAD GOOSE' to drown my sorrows!"  

HELP! (The curse of 'The Mad Goose' strikes again!)

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