Sunday 19 April 2015


Updated '11:05am bells' Sunday 19th April 2015

Much haz been written in the press and publicised on the telly and Twitter etc. aboot the inpendin' boycott of the Sporz game this afternoon. (live on SKY)
'The Geordie Times' 'take' on the matter---IZ!----Aa (we) WILL be gannin to the match az 'The Fat Controller' aalready haz mee  money for this season ---and indeed a'v actually had TWO direct debits taken oot of mee 'piggy bank' for NEXT SEASON aalready!

We fully back any fans decision to stand next to Leazes Park lake in the shadow of St James' <(feedin' the ducks!) , watch it in 'The Strawberry' <(feedin' your throat with drink!) or tek your lass shoppin' @ Tescos instead <(feedin' your credit card into the check-oot machine!) <(better than watchin' the dross on the pitch!), but divvint forget that if yoo are a current season ticket holder, your seat will automatically be added to the attendance whethaa yoo gan or not! (ie: he's aalready got your 'bit' so he couldn't giv a FACK!)

Wor lowest crowd this season so far iz 47,763 against Stoke and it will be interestin' to see how much lower than that the attendance will be, come this afternoon?
Sporz fans, we understand WILL NOT be joinin' in the boycott and will have 3,000 in level 7 of The Leazes End!

Results from yesterday, mean (at the time of writin') we are now just SEVEN points above 'the abyss' and NINE from the very bottom of the table!

We feel the same az everybody else aboot the current mediocrity, but az haz been proved in the past, boycotts tend not to work for us, especially az we have 40,000 plus, season ticket holders!---
That's a minimum crowd of 43,000 plus, includin' the Sporz contingent!

Protesters, we understand will start to gather outside The Gallowgate End before the game, ne doubt tryin' to persuade fellow fans to join them! 
But it's aall in vain I'm afraid az even if nebody torned up, 'The Fat Controller' still haz the TV money to fill hiz pockets! <(plus wor season ticket money of course!)

The fact that old framed team photos which adorned the various rooms inside St James' have been unceremoniously dumped in a skip last week, proves once and for aall, that they couldn't give a s*it aboot the proud history of wor (once!) great club! 


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