Tuesday 2 December 2014


Posted '10:21am bells' Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Last neet wor resorve U21 side beat Blackborn's equivalent 3-1 @ Leigh, with wor goals comin' from Bigiramana, Roberts and Quinn in front of a 322 'crowd'

Meeenwhile, the forst team face a rare trip to Bornleee @ '8 bells' tooneet, az it's a lang lang time since we last played them @ Turf Moor in a competitive game. 31 years in fact, when we lost a 2nd Division game 1-0 in from of a 13,900 crowd!
However! we have played them there since, in a friendly match 14 years ago, when we won 1-0 with Carl Cort gettin' the anly goal of the game!

We have been allocated 4,000 places in The David Fishwick Stand--a 'stand' we inadvertently said we'd 'been in' at West Ham on Saturday!
Kick off iz @ '7:45 bells'

History lesson: Wor forst ever meetin' @ Turf Moor happened 117 years ago on 3rd October 1897 when we lost 3-0 in front of an 8,000 crowd!
We are 'neck and neck' in the 98 'head to head'  encoontaaz, with The Toon winnin' 41 times, 17 drawn games and 40 defeats in the leegue and cups

'Geordie Times' history: Wor forst visit occurred 40 years ago on 23rd November 1974 when we lost 4-1 in front of 19,523 with Stewie Barrowclough gettin' wor anly goal of the game 
(archive report from that game below---ground number 034) 

A full match report from tooneets game will appear here sometime tomorrow!

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