Tuesday 30 December 2014


Posted '12:45pm bells' Tuesday 30th December 2014

News that Alan Pardew iz to fly the Magpies nest for the Eagles nest iz dein' the roonds in aall the papers today!

Claims that he waz driven oot by the hate mob are not far off the mark, but the fact that he will DOUBLE hiz salary @ Selhurst iz a major factor az well!

This man gans doon in wor history for aall the wrang reasons havin lost 4 derbies in a row for the forst time ever! <(That's sommik to have on your CV isn't it!)

Hiz excuses when we lost (which iz quite often!) were borderin' on the ridiculous! 
Dodgy refs, blatant hand balls, offsides, sendins off, fouls in the box and last but not least the FANS fault for not winnin a game, coz we were CHEERIN' tooo much!? <(absolutleee ridiculous!)

Wot more can we say in a year which haz seen just ONE good month, which waz in November!

Now the speculation begins az to just who will take ower the 'Yes Mans' post? <(we shall see---we shall see!?)

Watch this space!

On anothaa point, it iz claimed that we sang 'The Munich song' at Man U on Boxin' Day by some Twitter users?----We were in the middle of the away section and can tell yoo that we hord

It shud be noted that the usual 17th minutes applause for the victims of the MH17 air crash waz NOT taken up by the Man U fans!----The forst time that any of wor opponents this season haz failed to do so? <(mebeez they didn't realise just why we were clappin'?) < (We therefore, will give them the benefit of doubt!)

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