Friday 26 December 2014


Posted '7:43am bells' Boxin' Day 2014

This mornin' we heed ower the Pennines to 'The Theatre of Muppets' where we take on a rejuvenated home side under their new manager!
Last season of course we witnessed wor forst win there since 1972 and a repeat of that wud be a very nice Xmas present indeeed!
However!--reality tells us that this iz very unlikely to happen, especially if Rooney and co. have got their shootin' boots on? (and we havvent!) and we of course are on 'a downer' after 3 bad defeats in a row!

We will have a followin' of 3,000 in the away end and pleeeze!---ne smoke bombs in the concourse this time, like at Sporz!
The match iz live on BT Sports

History lesson: We forst played Newton Heath (who later became Man U) 114 years ago, on 6th April 1895 @ Bank Street, Manchester and we lost 5-1 in a (old) Division 2 game in front of a 6,000 crowd

Wor forst ever meetin' @ Old Trafford waz on 15th October 1910 in the old 1st Division, when (again) we lost, this time by 2-0 in front of 50,000.

Geordie Times history: A 2-1 defeat 41 years ago, on 17th March 1973 in front of 48,426, when Irving Nattrass scored for us. We were in the Main Stand Paddock that day <(Me finx?)

Wor aall time record against them isn't so good eetha, in the159 competitive games played between us, NUFC have won 41, drawn 37 and lost 81 times against them!   

A full 'Geordie Times' match report and pix will appear here tomorrow sometime and we can anly hope that it's 'glad tidings we bring'?

PS: We make ne apology for 'digging up' last seasons historic win 'doon there' and this iz printed below!

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