Friday 7 February 2014


Posted '2:13pm bells' Friday 7th February 2014

Tomorrow @ Stamford Bridge we take on a Chelski side that are on 'a high' after beatin' Man City last week @ The City of Manc Stadium!
In complete contrast we are on 'a low' after last Saturday's 'derby disaster'!
To add to wor woes, Coloccini, Gouffran, Tiote and Cisse are aall injured and will miss the game, while Loic Remy iz still suspended followin' hiz sendin' off at Norwich in January!

Just wot kind of performance we will put in, in "west Landan" iz anybody's guess???, but with wor season effectively finished with 14 games still to gan---and a mid-table slot virtually guaranteed, we will travel doon on the train tomorrow mornin' with one aim in mind! ----"2 GET COMPLETLY P*ST!" ---and by the time we jump back on the 'DRY' 125 @ King's Cross @ '9 bells' tomorrow neet we shud be well into 'singin' mode'!

A'm workin' a neetshift again toneet, back doon to the Bormingham area in mee truck and hopefully, (traffic jam permittin') aa shud be tucked up in 'mee scratcher' by '3:30 bells'---then!---- drag meesel oot again @ '6:30 bells' and make for 'The Central' to catch the '8 bells' to King's Cross alang with 'Norman the Cowboy Plumber' and hiz bruvver 'Faulty' (Towers!) Dowaz' for a bit of 'tonsil ticklin' on the way doon!
(For some daft reason, unbeknown to man nor beast, 'the British Transport Dibbles' deem that yoo CAN drink az many 'CANS' az yoo like on the way doon to London, but 'CAN'NOT on the way back!---and ne doubt they will be waitin' in force at the ticket gates 'to check' for 'alcohol' az we board the train back!)

The match tickets are a whoppin' £55 like last season and the train fare iz £85!---add on taxis and tube fares etc and we are taalkin' aboot £160 for a day oot in London! <(excludin' drink and food of course!) <(add at least sixty quid for that!= £220 plus!)
The away end iz completely sold oot! <(we must have some rich bustards amongst us!?)

Aa wont have any time to de an update in the mornin', so this will be the 'Geordie Times'z last post til aa write the match report on Sunday (sometime!?)
Az per usual---watch this space!  

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