Monday 10 February 2014


Posted '2:00pm bells' Monday 10th February 2014

Yet more garbage haz come from the mouth of wor beleaguered manager 'I Beg Your Pardew' ,followin' on from hiz 'support' for 'JoeKanory' , the 'one and only' 'Clown Pr*ck of Soccer', who lost hiz job az 'Director of Fools' last Monday, when he said that he could take some 'positives' oot of wor 'negative' 3-0 defeat by Chelski on Saturday and bemoans wor injury list! <(shud have bought some quality players in the transfor window and not sold Cabaye, mee finx, Alan!)

He says that Sissoko and Marveaux shud have scored for us and of course he is right!, but they DIDN'T and then conveniently forgets that 'The OAPs' were streets ahead of us and could have had at least 3 more goals themsels az they completely ootplayed us!

When the home side scored their 2nd goal in the 34th minute---we thought?---how many more?---and luckily for us it waz anly '1'

We have won just 1 game oot of the last 8 and have lost the last 4 homes games in a row! <(tell me just WOT 'positives' yoo can take from that stat!???)

Sporz are up next @ St James' on Wednesday neet az they fight for a Champions Leegue place, while we must fight it oot with Sooothampton to see who finishes 8th or 9th this season!

It's a good job we started off well at the beginnin' of the season or else we'd reeely be in the S*IT right now!

It will be very interestin' to see just how many empty seats there are in the groond come Wednesday, but we are 'negatively' 'positive' that thoosands will be empty!

Meeenwhile, @ 'Blue Flames' in Benton toneet wor U21s take on Leicester in a '7 bells' kick off---unfortunately! <(or 'fortunately' some would say!) a'v got to gan to graft and will miss the game! BUT!---fear not!---az wor intrepid paparazzi reporter, 'Liam from the Lamp' WILL! be there to bring YOO (wor loyal reeders!), a full and compreeehesive match report and pix? <(dependin' on IF he haz had hiz camera fixed yet on hiz cr*p fone???)

Watch this space tomorrow!

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