Thursday 20 February 2014


Posted '1:38pm bells' Thorsday 20th February 2014

A very interestin' and excellent article appeared in yesterday's Daily Mail by Martin Samuel, which just aboot sums NUFC up at the moment and 'The Geordie Times' haz reproduced bits of it below, which ring very (very!) true aboot wor current crazy predicament!

Quote: " Newcastle United have no director of football and no managing director!  The owner is rarely in attendance and no permanent signings have arrived in the last two transfer windows!"

"There are plenty of contenders for the worst run club in the Premier League---and Fulham have set the bar pretty high in recent weeks---but given all their advantages, Newcastle should be in line for some form of lifetime achievement in the field!"

"Magnificently supported, from a region that has consistently produced some of the best footballers in Europe, they contrive year on year to find ever more humiliating ways to fail or implode!
No small success is ever built on, no decision so smart that it can quickly be undermined!"

"When Joe(K) Kinnear left as director of football, the first thought was that he had been sacked for failing to recruit players. The latest suggestion is that his employers were upset when he negotiated only £19million from Paris St Germain for Yohan Cabaye! They wanted more! Now we know what the 'director' stood for in his title!---Directing the best players to the airport!"

"Pardew is the patsy in the middle! He obviously decided long ago that the best way to keep his job---and he is not long into an eight year contract---would be to shoulder each fresh indignity without complaint, whether it was the sale of his best player without replacement, or the appointment of an overseer, who soon became a professional joke!"

"Pardew is trying to turn around a vessel that is not so much afloat as adrift!---Newcastle are bobbing along with the engines off and no captain to take responsibility!"

"Pardew never offers even mild dissent against Mike Ashley's running of the club, which wins him few friends amongst the fans! 
As Ashley hasn't turned up for a home game since September, it makes the manager the only senior club official on match day!
No wonder there is tension!
It is merely his misfortune to be saddled with a club that has lost it's purpose!---They might sack him one day, but it still won't mean they care!"


"A boat withoot a rudder!"
"A yaught withoot a sail!"  
"A ship withoot an engine!"
"A catastrophic tale!"      

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