Monday 27 January 2014


Posted '1:20pm bells' Monday 27th January 2014

Tomorrow mornin' we must travel to deepest Norfolk for wor Premyaa Leegue game @ Carrow Road. Just why the fixture fixers can't give us a nearer game mid-week beats us every time?

We are on the 10:22 bells train to Peterborough and then onwards to Norwich on the 'snail line'! (arrivin' sometime tomorrow afternoon!)
Because we can't get a train back, we have been forced to stop owerneet and come back on the Wednesday mornin'!
(It's eethaa that or get the bus for the torturous 500 mile plus roond trip and get back in the orly hours of Wednesday!)

Paris St. Germain have put a bid in for £14 million for Yohan Cabaye which haz been deemed 'unacceptable by 'The NUFC Fat Controller', so a bid thay IZ 'acceptable' could be on hiz table before the end of the week and he could be gone forever!

It will be interestin' to say the least to see if he iz in wor startin' line up tomorrow neet?---if not---then fear the worst!
'I Beg Your Pardew' iz in 'The Ronny-Gill' today sayin' that we can qualify for the Europa Leegue---a competition we simply divvint want to be in, accordin' to wor manager at the start of the season! <(yi cannit make it up at wor club!)

Meeenwhile---not a 'peep' oot of wor 'Director of Fools' 'JoeKanory', az to any incomin' players with just FOWER days to gan before the transfor window closes!

WE gan to Norwich lookin' for wor SEVENTH win on the road this season in 'The Premyaa' and az the home side are on a 'downer' at the moment, hopefully we can put in a 'Dr Jykell' performance rathaa than a 'Mr Hyde' one! <(we shall see!?)

A full match reprt won't be forthcomin' til we get back on Wednesday afternoon, so watch this space on Wednesday neet!

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