Thursday 23 January 2014


Updated '12:30pm bells' Thorsday 23nd January 2014

Yet anothaa blank weekend iz comin' up, inflicted and caused entirely by worsels!
The FA Cup iz to blame, az we are of course ne langer in it! (thanx to wor exit to Cardiff!) and we divvint play again til next Tuesday, when we face the lang jorney to East Anglia to play 'Delia's Custard Crumbles' @ Carrow Road in a Premyaa Leegue encoontaa.
And the players 'reward' for gettin' knocked oot of the cup by an inferior team???---a weeks sunshine break to Dubai (with their golf clubs ne doubt?) while we, the fans, shiver on Tyneside!

In the meantime, while they try to get their golf handicaps doon,  we are 'toyin' with the idea of gannin' to Manchester on Saturday instead, to watch wor Under 18s in action against Man U U18s @ their trainin' groond in Carrington!

We divvint normally gan to watch the kids away, but with a blank weekend to fill, it's a chance to chalk anotha Premyaa Leegue trainin' groond, off the smaall list that we have been te and which we can coont on one hand! <(ie: Of the current Premyaa Leegue trainin' groonds, we have been to, we include: NUFC, SMB, Sporz, West Brom and Stoke!)

We will let yoo know on Friday if we are definatly gannin', but theeze games can be cancelled or changed at very short notice with different kick off times and venues!  <(ie: we divvint want anothaa wasted jorney like we did to Bishop's Stortford! (see ground 307 (NOT!)   (see right hand tool-bar)>>>>

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