Thursday 9 January 2014


Posted '1:45pm bells' Thorsday 9th January 2014

We now must torn wor attention to Sunday dinnaatime when we take on 'The Blue Moonies' of Mancland in a live 'SKY' 2:05 bells' kick off @ St James' Park!

Wor season of course came completely 'off the rails' and affectively finished on Jan 4th, when we were knocked oot of the FA Cup by Cardiff last Saturday, to end ANY interest in the last FIVE MONTHS of the season and ANY silverware (once again!)

The anly thing that matters to 'The Fat Controller' iz just how high we can finish up 'The Premyaa' 'gravy train' for 'the millions' on offer!
Wor own take iz!---we WON'T finish any higher than the 8th position that we are in at the moment and the lowest we will finish iz 10th!
Despite 'promises'??? to the contrary in the summer, we hear that there iz the distinct possibility that NE new signins will be forthcomin' in the January transfor window <("NO said JOE!---aa DON'T think so!"), az we 'plod on' 'trophyless' in mid table mediocrity! (see the back page of 'The Ronny-Gill' above!)

The mega rich 'Arab owned' 'Blue Moonies' in COMPLETE CONTRAST, are 'on the Inter |City 125 line' and are gannin for FOWER trophies az we speak!

They come here after the SIX-NIL demolition of 'Fat Sams' West Ham in the Leegue Cup semis and a certain Wembley place in the final!
On top of that they are gannin for 'The Leegue', the FA Cup and The Champions Leegue for an unpesidented quadruple! (ANYTHIN'! would de us!)

'The Blue Moonies' are aalso gannin for an 'unprecedented'  'TENTH' 'win in a row' against us and we dare-nit think wot the scoreline could be after last weeks shambles, plus wor 'New Years Day' 'no show' against West Brom, but ne doubt 50,000 will be there to see it!

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