Tuesday 3 January 2012


Updated '1:15 pm bells' Tuesday 3rd January 2012

The Geordie Times can exclusivleee reveeel (second hand!) that toneets resorves game @ Blue Flames, Benton against 'The Cockney Reds of Salford' haz been POSTPONED!---SO!---divvint gan!
We can anly assume that it's because of the gale force winds that are sweepin' Tyneside az I write this, az I look across 'the sacred river'!

More on this to follow later, when we find oot why? (second hand of course!)

Updated '1:40 pm bells'
Just foond oot that A WAATERLOGGED PITCH iz the reason the match haz been caalled off!

Northern League toneet!
'The Bad Blue Boys' v 'The Bay City Rollers'  

Coz the Toon resorve match haz been caalled off we've decided to take in 'The Bad Blue Boys v 'The Bay City Rollers' derby between Dunston UTS (The Fed) and Whitley Bay toneet instead @ Federation Park, (aka UTS Park) Dunston (on the way to the Metro Centre from the A1)

A good crowd is antisipated az 'The Bay' aalways bring a good followin'
Kick off iz @ '7:30 bells', so get yerselz alang if yiv nowt better to de! (admission is a fiver and half price for concessions)

Posted '10:30 pm bells'
Full time: The entertainin' derby match ended 'one's a piece' in front of an estimated 250 crowd, played in freeeezin' conditions!

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