Thursday 14 December 2023

THE TOON 1 AC MILAN 2 *** CHAMPIONS LEEGUE GROUP STAGE 'F' (119th competitive European game 'in a row' home and away)

 Posted from 'high noon bells' onwards, Thorzday 14th Decembaa 2023


A neet when we could qualify for the knockoot stage of The Champions Leegue or Europa Leegue ended with just trips to the likes of Luton Town to look forward tee, instead of Real Madrid or Azerbaijan!

It started off well when Joelinton hit a screamer into the Leazes net from a Lewis Miley pass in the 33rd minute to send the crowd into ecstasy!----With Dortmund and PSG goalless at this stage, we moved up to 2nd in the Group 'F' table, which would qualify for the knockoot stage----That's the way it woz at half time and dream trips to the likes of Real Madrid were on the cards!


51st minute: News that Dortmund had taken the lead in Jawmany filtered through and the dream woz defiantly on!

56th minute: PSG equalised, but we still had 2nd place in the table at this point!

59th minute: Pulisic then put a spanner in the works when he equalised from 5 yards oot for Milan, after a deflection ofa nother Milan player!----At this point we moved doon to 3rd place in the table, with horrendous trips to Azabiijan a real possibility in The Europa Leegue! (God forbid!)

70th minute: Bruno nearly restored wor lead with a blisterin shot at The Gallowgate End, but Milan's goalie somehow tipped the baall onto the bar az ah held mee heed in mee hands!

84th minute: Even The Europa Leegue woz taken away when we went 2-1 doon when Milan raced doon the pitch with 4 on 3 after a Schar misstayk and Chuckwueze hit a banana shot past Dubravka in The Toon goal!----At this point we moved doon to 4th place and oot of Europe aaltogether, with just trips to the likes of Luton Town to look 'forward'? tee! (Dortmund v PSG woz still 1-1)

92nd minute: Desperate measures were then taken when goalie Dubravka raced up the pitch when we got a corner, but failed to make contact with the baall, which went loose to a Milan player who (and with the empty goal at hiz mercy) hit a shot from 40 yards towards the goal, but it went wide of the goal line to keep the score at 2-1 to them!

94th minute: The final whistle came---and goodbye to Europe!

Injuries and the unjust penalty against PSG in Paris finally killed wor dreams!

"Luton!--Luton!---here we come!" (Just before Xmas!)

Attendance: 52,037 (1,500 AC Milan fans)



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