Wednesday 6 December 2023


 Posted '2:00pm bells' Wedinzday 6th Decembaa 2023

From last season----NUFC won 4-1-----Can we have some more of that pleeeze!?

Tomorrow wor injury depleted squad heed for Morseyside when we take on Evaatin at Goodison Park in a '7:30 bells' kick off for live telly!---It's been confermed that wor goalie The Pope will be oot for at least 4 months with a dislocated shoulder against Moan U---one more to add to the lang list!

We expect that wor manager 'Steady Eddie' will pick the same startin line up who played against Moan U---apart from Martin Dubravka who will replace The Pope in goal!

Somebody on 'Twitter' claims we have sent 550 tickets back oot of wor 3,000 allocation, which iz a blatant lie az the tickets were completely sold oot last month!---We could actually have sold 10,000 if they were available!

Aalso a false video iz deein the roonds alledgedly showin Toon fans celebratin' Evaatin's 10 points deduction ootside SJP!

This video iz actually from Octobaa 7th 2021 when the Saudis took ower from The Fat Controller!  The video shows the Bobby Robson statue but NOT the Alan Shearer statue, which woz moved from ootside the groond on Barrack Road AFTER the takeower!

Blatant 'fake news' lies to try a stir up a hornets nest and have a supposed rivalry with The Blue Noses!---give it a rest lads n lasses!

Ask yourself a question: Where would yoo rather gan next season, Livaapool with loads of good boozers in the city centre, OR! Luton, which believe you me iz a sh*thole!----Aalso Bornley iz a bleak place high up in the Pennines and awkward to get tee by train!

Give me Evaatin and their new stadium everytime!

Then on Sunday it's off to norf Landan where we take on Sporz---followed by wor last Champions Leegue group game v AC Milan at SJP next Wedinzday! 

Az per usual a match report on the Evaatin game will appear here sometime on Friday or Saturday!

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