Tuesday 12 December 2023


 Posted '1:34pm bells' Munday 11th Decembaa 2023

Updated from '1:00pm bells' Tuezday


*Forst of aall apologeeez for not puttin the Sporz match report online yet!  This iz because anything that could have gone wrang DID gan wrang in this ‘Disaster Days’ storyline!

Aa didint get back from Sporz til '5:00 bells' this mornin' and have just got up to gan to work in an hours time!

Huge train delays and cancellations and 2 lang taxi rides costin a total of an eye waterin £305! just to get TO and back FROM London were just part of this day, that went wrang very big style!

And of course the main event ended in a 4-1 hammerin' at Sporz to make a day of misery complete!

Because aa havvint got much time before aa gan to work, this report will now not appear til sometime tomorrow---and beleeeve yoo me it iz SOME REPORT!

Az per usual "Watch this space intentleeee!"


The forst inclin' that anything woz wrang woz when aa got a text message off 'Big Al' (NOT the sheet metal workers son!) at '5:28am bells' that wor train to King's Cross at '8:00 bells woz cancelled!

On arrival at 'The Central' (Toon train station) we saw that nee trains were gannin forthaa south than Grantham (aboot half way) because the owerheed power lines had been damaged between Gratham and Peterborough and that replacement busses would take us between the 2 stations and then the train onward to London!

We managed to get on the '8:30 bells' train, but knew that there would be massive problems at Grantham az they said on the train intercom that there were a 'limited' number of busses to pick us up!---That meant thats loads would try to get taxis to Peterborough!

We decided to get off at Newark instead (the stop before) and get a taxi to Peterborough from there!--There were 5 of us and we negotiated a fare of £125 with the taxi driver! (£25 each)

We arrived at Peterbourough and caught the forst train we could to King's Cross'!  A tube and overland train to Tottenham Hale woz taken and we heeded straight for 'The Redemption' a bar in the middle of an industrial estate not far from the groond! (It had taken an extra hour and a half to get there than it should have!)

After shovellin a few 'liquid lubrications' doon wor necks it woz time to heed for the tornstiles, where anothaa depleted team took the field!

We could see that there were quite a few empty seats, empty coz quite a few on later trains 'gave up' tryin to get there!

Az expected we started off with wor back to the wall az Sporz pounded wor goal at the end that The Toon fans were in! (Thats those who managed to get there!) 

The goal sequences were az follows 

26th minute: Sporz took the lead through Odogie who woz unmarked and he had the easy chance of puttin the baall past Dubravka from a Son pass

38th minute: Richalison doubled their lead after Spoz missed several chances---another easy goal for the home side!

We looked absolutleee knackered by this stage az fatique set in and were were very fortunate to gan in at the break just 2 goals doon! 

60th minute:  Richalison scored hiz 2nd az Dubravka looked oot of place. He had another easy chance to put the game to bed!

85minute: Son iz pulled doon in the box by Dubravka and the ref gives the penalty after a VAR check!---Son took it to put Sporz 4-0 up!

91st minute: Joelinton got a consolation goal from a Wilson pass to send those Toon fans who stayed til the bitter end into wild celebrations, with top off and Toon shirts waved in the air!? (We ARE crazy---ARNT WE!

61,171 (Far less than the 3,000 tickets sold for the away end)

With nee idea if the trains were runnin back up the East Coast Line, we heeded back to King's Cross to find that aall train were CANCELLED! (How would we get back now, aa thought?)

Well, after a quick gargel  in The Betjamin Arms near Euston station we caught a train to Manchester---and the another to York----and then it woz a very expensive £180 taxi fare back to Tyneside, arrivin back at '5:00am bells'! (The driver wanted £240, but we haggled the lower price!----Thats £305 in total for taxi fares to witness a 4-1 defeat!---Are we MENTAL?---or are we MAD??


I hord aboot a Toon fan in London who had 4 tickets for mates in The Toon. Their train woz cancelled and they couldn’t get there and gave up!

So the lad in London now had 4 spares but couldn’t pass them on to London based Mags, in the fear of a spot check to prove their identity-/-and ultimately the lads stuck home would lose AALL their loyalty points!   That’s just one case!

It’s pure madness that yoo can’t pass spare tickets on to those who are desperate to gan!๐Ÿฅถ

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