Sunday 21 May 2023


 Posted 'high noon bells' Sunday 21st May 2023

NUFC were within a minute of normal time to qualify for the Champions Leegue yesterday, when Livaapoool scored a last gasp equaliser against Villa at Anfeeeld, which meeenz that we need just ONE POINT against Lestaa or Chelseee from wor last 2 games to qualify!

The Lestaa game iz at SJP tomorrow neet and the atmosphere iz sure to be unreal, shud we get 'ower the line'!

Today The Gatesheeed Heedbangers play in the FA Trophy final at Wembley against Halifax and we will be watchin on from The Bodega on Westgate Road! 

Havin been to Wembley 10 times, 9 of them watchin 'The Toon' and 1 watchin 'The Heed' in a play off final, av got TEN oot of TEN DEFEATS to mee name, so aa decided NOT to gan this time, az aa divvint want to 'jinx them'! (I honestly HATE Wembley now!)

(The 9 with The Toon include 2 defeats v Sporz in The Premyaa Leegue, when Sporz were buildin their new groond)

Anyway!---Here's hopin the othaa 'black 'n' whites' bring the cup yem this afternooon and end the Tyneside 'jinx'! (kick off 4:15 bells' on BT Sport 1)

Updated after the game!

Yet again The Tyne Bridge Curse struck az The Heed, managed by former Toon defender Mike Williamson, lost 1-0 after a defensive error in the forst half, before a crowd of 27,384, includin 5,000 from Gatesheeed!

That's 11 times in a row that the teams on opposite sides of The Tyne Bridge have lost at Wembley  (NUFC 9 times, Gatesheed twice!)

At least aa cannit get the blame this time az aa wozzint there and watched on with 4 other's on one of the The Bodega's big screens!🥶

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