Thursday 4 May 2023


 Posted '12:39pm bells' Wedinzday 3rd May 2023 and will be updated az the games are played!

Updated 'high noon bells' Thorzday 4th May 2023

Updated '3:15am bells' Friday 5th May 2023

Its gettin very near the end of the season and NUFC are still in 3rd place!----The question iz how many teams below us can catch us?

In the worst case scenario and we lose aall 5 games left, there are 5 teams below us who could overtake us IF they won every game!----Az some still have to play each other (Brighton beat Moan U 1-0 last neet for example) its not possible for every team below us to win aall their remainin games!

However, these are the 5 teams who can overtake us IF we take 'a wobbler'

Moan U: max points possible 78 

Brightin: max points possible 73

The Liverbirds: max points possible 71

Sporz: max points possible 66 

Villa: max points possible 66 

Az NUFC have 65 points, it iz highly improbable that Sporz or Villa could catch us! (2 more points for us will put them oot of reach!)

Another 9 points for NUFC from wor 5 remainin games will defiantly see us in the top 4 and a Champions Leegue place! 

The Liverbirds have got 3 homes games in a row before we play again---and have won 2 of them so far (controversially!) and are now 6 points behind us!----3 if they beat Brentfaad on Saturday, but havin played 2 games more! (NUFC dont play til Sunday v The Arse)  

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