Wednesday 28 February 2018


Posted '9 50pm bells' Wednesday 28th February 2018

Because of Sporz 6-1 win ower Rochdale in the FA Cup 5th roond replay tooneet, we will have a blank 3 weeks withoot a game from Saturday 10th March v Sooothampton at home and Saturday 31st March v 'uddersfield at home! (Wor 2nd 'blankety blank' enforced 2 week (plus) break this year alone! (Because we aalso exited at the 4th roond stage of the cup in January!)

This iz because Sporz will be playin Swanzee in the qwaataa finals of the cup and that will take priority ower wor leegue game against them, which will now be cancelled!
(We have absoluteleee ne idea just when that game at Wembley will now be 'fitted in'?)

An international break will aalso render anothaa weekend 'blankless' az well!

Aall this talk of a winter break rings very true for us---NOW!----az we have nevaa got to the 5th roond stage of the FA Cup since 'The Fat Controller' took 'the controls', 11 years ago!

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