Thursday 22 February 2018


Posted just after 'high noon bells' Thorsday 22nd February 2018
Updated Friday---onwards

On Saturday we face wor thord 'trek' of the season to the south coast when we take on Bournemoooth at Dean Court (the groond's origional name!)

Its a very orly start and I will have to get up at the ungodly hour of '4:00 am bells' az the train leaves 'The Central' at '5 25 bells' for King's Cross (London)
From there its a tube ride across to Waterloo and anothaa train to the south coast and hopefully we will be there by 'high noon bells' for wot 'liquid lubrication crusade"!
(Its 3 hours to London and then 3 hours to Bournemoooth!)

*'The Geordie Times'z "Lets gan on the bevvy in FebBrewery!" will be published in a live 'pub stream' az we de them!

Hopefully Islam Slimani will finally make hiz debut 'up front' and that we play like we did against Moan U and can get a good result?
Not suprizingleee we have sold wor allocation of 1,365 tickets for the away end

After the game its the same 'slog' back' and it will be after 'midneet bells' when we arrive back on Tyneside!

*A match report from mee forst ever visit to Bournemoooth 29 years ago iz printed below (ground number 090)

*Update Friday afternoon
Slimani iz very UNLIKELY to make the startin' line up!

*Update Friday neet

Slimani will be out for the next 2 weeks at least!---and will miss at least 4 of wor next 5 games (he cant play against hiz 'parent club' Lestaa!)
So!---- Huddersfield are the anly team he can play against in the next 5 games!!!
Wots the point!!!!😨

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