Monday 28 April 2014


Updated 9:15am bells' Monday 28th April 2014

'I Beg Your Pardew' haz spoken aboot hiz 'comeback'? to the dugoot @ 'The Emirates'  toneet after hiz record breakin' 7 game ban from the touchline after hiz infamous heedbutt!

Bearin' in mind we have lost a record breakin' 5 Premyaa Leegue games in a row under hiz stewardship, he reeely shud have kept hiz trap shut, az he haz 'dropped himself in it' in the past! 

Let's hope the above headline doesn't come back to haunt him (and US!) az we attempt to wipe oot the memory of wor 7-3 defeat there last season!

We are on the '12:30 bells' train @ dinnatime and travel back on Tuesday mornin'!
To hoy a spanner in the works there iz a strike planned on the London Undergroond from today for two days, makin' the jorney from King's Cross to Islington (where 'The Arse' play) just a little more difficult than usual!

'The Sissoko Kid' iz back in trainin' but Davide Santon and Papiss Cisse wont feature at aall for the rest of the season!
The bad news iz that Gabriel Obertan and 'Marveaux the Magician'? are fit and rearin' to gan!  Ne news on Ben Arfa or indeed hiz whereabouts????
We have sold just 1,800 tickets for this game and a torrid time iz expected by aall toneet!

A full match report will follow sometime on Tuesday afternoon when we get back! (or Wednesday if the '9 am bells' train from King's Cross iz late, az a'v got to rush to work @ '3 bells' in the afternoon!)

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